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Back pain & which exercise

Hi all, in new here, I'm 37 and have nerve damage in my lower back caused from a gymnastics accident 20 years ago. Most the time my back pain is manageable but just recently I've had a terrible bout of muscle spasms in my back causing me to be off work as the pain was totally unmanageable at work. I'm quite active generally walking my dog but wondering should I do more, specifically wondering about running or is that too much stress on my back? I want to try and manage my issues and strengthen my back. Can anyone offer any advice? 



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    hi izzycat50

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    you are clearly somebody that has suffered for a long time, so have a good idea this is probably not just a blip.

    during recovery from a severe herniation and declining fusion surgery approximately 22 years ago, i progressed from the osteopath to the gym under strict supervision.  i was told quite clearly that i should not run under any circumstances.  i was only allowed to walk progressively on the treadmill and sometimes on an incline, but never running.  this is my experience and sharing what i was told about running.

    there are no medical professional on this site, so any information you receive is from other peoples experiences.

    it would help other members to have a clearer picture of your previous injury, any treatment you have been receiving, medications and things that will build a clearer picture of the lead up to your current problem.

    i have added two links below with more information to get you started on the forum.

    welcome to spine health

    all new members should take the system tutorial 
    if you have not received medical advice about your current symptoms, i would advise you do that to help with your pain and to get investigations started.  mri or other diagnostic testing maybe beneficial to discover what underlying problem is causing these new symptoms.
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