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can u beleive it week 31



  • aimless,2 pounds needs to be given a big hurrah! =D> you are on a smooth and steady course. on to another week! Jenny :)
  • :) ironing uses up 165 calories an hour! taking a shower for 15 minutes is 65 calories and even resting is 60 calories an hour. we are burning up some calories even if we are not doing exercise. :O) of course nothing makes up for a good walk but we have to take them where we can get them sometimes! Jenny :)
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  • i have to admit to having a slice of chocolate cake,i have PMS and just could nt resist,i have threw the rest of the cake out as i don t know if i can resist it if its sitting in the fridge so its in the bin.well thats it over with no point worring about it now,just have to start again just thought i should come clean
  • :) well if we are going to be honest, today i had 2 pieces of bread with butter. i feel really bad about that but i think it was such a craving i had to do it! ~X( i am going to go walk in a few minutes. Jenny :)
  • We're only human, and you throw in the weird meds and pain factor, its going to happen. Like Jenny says, take a walk, move on. I find it hard to have sweets around the house, I give in too easily.

    I'm focusing alot on portions, not denying myself but allowing myself 1-2 bites to indulge. Seem to be working. Now that the nerve pain med seems to have kicked in, I need to start walking more, I keep over-doing it when I walk though... have not learned moderation with exercise yet...
    Jan 2009 L5-S1 ALIF
    May 2017 ALIF L4-L5 with PLF rods added L4-L5-S1
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  • well, it looks like we need to achieve balance in our daily lives. from exercise to eating we are not getting portions right or doing the right amount of exercise. this balance can make or break our programs. 8} overdoing exercise affects out pain levels as well. overdoing any activity will do this to us. so achieving balance in our lives each day is imperitive to our programs and our pain levels. how are you going about achieving balance in your life daily? what areas are "out of balance" for you? what do you want to add in to achieve a more balanced life? what does being "balanced" mean to you? how would having all areas in your life in tune feel? just a few ideas to toss around this week perhaps. Jenny :)
  • i need to balance a bit of me time in to my life,i like many off you run aroung taking care off everyone elses needs and sometimes forget about myself,so after this week im going to fit in me time.i want be around for a few days im going with my sister to london as she having cosmetic surgery but ill be back on sunday.have a good week everyone
  • Cor, that trip came round quickly Ben. I hope it goes well, I'm sorry we didn't get round to arranging to meet up - guess I'll just have to come over to yours!!

    Take care and see you on Sunday

  • :) doof, you are losing weight! what are some of the "balances" you have or need to have in your life? i really need to get some time outside of the house added to my life. i am hibernating in my home. i just don't feel like going out into the world. i need to get over that and get out and about! this would make my life more balanced! Jenny
  • I hardly get out of the house now myself. The odd trip to Walmart or to the grocery store is all I usually do. My husband and I have a wedding to go to this Saturday and then on Sunday we have to drive my daughter to Columbus for a concert she's going to so we'll be there for 6 or 7 hours.
    I should be happy to be going somewhere but quite honestly I'm just a stay at home kinda girl. I joke with my husband and tell him I'm antisocial. I prefer quiet times alone with my hubby. *shrugs*
    This weekend Im gonna try and enjoy myself. Key word being TRY.
    What would make my life more balanced I think is being able to see my son more. He still lives in Canada but with his work it's hard for him to get time off to come visit. I havent seen him in a year now. He's hoping to come for three weeks around Christmas. *crosses fingers*
    Maybe he'll come to find a "thin" mom. Ah well, he loves me no matter what. >:D<

    Christina :)
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