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can u beleive it week 31



  • I have not heard that one before. I'm doing okay with calories this week, could do better with nutrition. I have a head cold so I am seeking a bit of comfort food, still eating some veggies but whole wheat toast with grape jelly for breakfast may not have been the smartest choice. I think my head is going to explode and I don't want to take cold meds because I'm on all these other meds... anyhow, I think I just need to go to bed early.
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  • :) aimless,time to go to bed, wrap up warm and get well. I) whole wheat toast with jelly is a very good breakfast choice. bread toasted loses most of its calories and you know how good whole grain fiber is to us spineys. so enjoy that breakfast, every morning if you wish. you are getting more conscious about what you are eating if you are interested in nutrition now. that is growth! get well soon. and don't forget the chicken noodle soup!!! Jenny :)
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  • I like the halt thing too. I just need to put it in to practice. I have discovered that one thing that has seriously increased my appetite is the Cymbalta! I have got to get a handle on this or I am going to grow even bigger!
  • Aimless you poor thing, take care of yourself when youre feeling yucky. Give your ody what it needs.
    Painintheback, I too am on Cymbalta but never associated it with overeating...geesh, that sucks.
    Lulu, I like that HALT method as well. I'll have to try that.

    Christina :)
  • =)) Try the HALT method the next time you get ready to overeat. which of these reasons are you eating for? Hungry-get a healthy snack Anxiety-take a walk or do exercises Lonely-call a friend or do an e-mail Tired-take a nap. these add up to "HALT" an easy way to remember exactly why we are taking that extra bite and what we can do about it! :O it is the middle of the week and how is everyone doing so far? remember you can start watching those calories at ANY time and there is no time like now to try and take a walk. Christina, just be sure and don't overdo. that is busy weekend you have planned and is alot to do for those of us who don't wander out much! lol! my husband will love me just the way i am but the question is "do i?"Jenny :)
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  • :) we have identified some of the problems areas of overeating this week. some of us want more nutritious food while several others are having problems from medication. knowing exactly what we want and what our problem areas are means we can adjust our diets. having a program which we can use everyday has to be flexible. that is one good thing about having a daily plan where we can adjust what we need to. use tips and make a plan which you can stick by. not a diet plan that doesn't even sound good on paper. we are women dealing with pain as well and that puts an extra burden on us all. take advantage of the women here on the forum. don't beat yourself up when you fall off course and remember that there is always tomorrow to start again! Jenny :)
  • =D> ya'll are all doing wonderful. I'm very proud of you all.
  • :H so great to hear from you, vic!!! we all hope you are feeling better and will be back to be with us soon. we miss you! <:P Jenny :)
  • :H Hello everyone, I am the newbie and i can not believe that I have gone this long without support. I am looking for balance. I have a stressful job and am chained to my cell phone, I have a farm, not that there are any flowers left due to my health, I have a 14 year old son and a husband and I have spoiled them to my detriment :))(. I will be checking in and watching what I eat and I will love having friends who understand me. I suffer in silence and only voice myself to my Dr, I know you all know what I am talking about. I will start today.
  • Hey Everhopeful, were thankful to have you on board. The more the merrier. This place has been a great help to me, everyone motivates everyone else and it's been a godsend.
    We weigh in every Sunday and post it ( yes...even if we gained chat and give each other things to think about during the week.

    Good Luck,
    Christina :)
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