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My lower back felt like it slipped out of place

Earlier this spring, my lower back began to bother me again, the following fall I had been in physio sessions for it and it had cleared all up.  But of course, once it cleared up, I stopped doing my stretches and core

So after a few months of this increasing stiffness and pain this July I bent over and that's when I felt the bones in lower back suddenly shift forward, I presume the tightness of my lower back muscles played a part in pulling the bones and shifting them in an already unstable joint area.  It promptly seized right up in spasms.  After I had made it to a chair and let it subside, it felt relatively ok, still sore cause now those stiff back muscles were in total lock if I thought it was sore before...things can always get worse as they say.

Went to work that evening, for had just started a new job and was in that 3 month probation period where you do your best to make the cut.  At lunch time, back went into major spasms again and had to be rolled on office chair over to exit door to my van and then went to emerg.  Where they managed to get some kind of xray, was tough for any little movement and the spasms overtook me.  It was taken with me laying on xray standing for me!  Was given an anti spasmodic injection, and a Flexeril tablet with a script for some Tylenol 3 tabs and Flexeril.

Back was too sore to toe the mark for next nights shift and promptly lost that job...With a bit of rest and taking the flexeril, I was able to finally walk around again but after a while would have to sit for back would tighten up when the nerves started to pinch..this was a new feeling the nerve pinching/sciatica sort of thing.  Having just moved to new area, we had secured a new family doctor and I went to see him and he looked at the xray results and physical exam...recommended physio (of course) and prescribed naproxen and renewed the Flexeril script.

When I finally got in the see physio, was the least professional ones I have ever had, being private prolly something to do with it.  Put on pulse type machine for 15 min and handed a sheet with one exercise for single knee raises, handed to me by receptionist.  I then made an appointment with a chiropractor, thinking that if darn disc slipped out, maybe these guys could slip it back into place..problem solved, then just do some of those physio core exercises...well took 3 weeks to get into chiro and as luck would have it I get a lad who has a whole 3 yrs experience and of course even he is going with using physio exercises to relax the super tense lower back muscles.  He did lay me down and used acupuncture needles and some kind of pulses with them needles..felt nice at the time but once that was done...oh those muscles were even angrier!!

I told him that I suspected, from my experience with the Flexeril loosening the muscle slightly, that it just amounted to my vertebra being allowed to move more which of course set the whole scenario back into play..spasms etc and that shift I felt in the first place..could that not be reversed maybe.  He then smiles condescendingly, and explained that in his opinion, you think you felt a shift but it was most likely just the muscles themselves that were injured and reacting.   To this I ask, then why is the nerves pinched and numbing my leg now and hurting like blazes when I stand (at that time, I could get some relief from sitting) for any length of time?  He said the muscles were inflamed and pushing against the nerve root.  Ok..might be right, sounds plausible so I accepted that and tried doing the stretches recommended and in meantime it got so I couldn't stand or sit anymore, and became more and more bedridden.  Pain got so bad, I ended up heading to the ER again and the doctor there switched up my meds, to better combat the nerve pains and also one for better control of the inflammation possibly.  Have a weekly appointment with chiro (all can afford with just wife's income.  My Employment Insurance is all tied up in red tape of course, switching from regular benefits to medical.  They required a form filled out by doctor to finalize it, but of course he filled it out wrong and now have to chase around getting that straightened out.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out if I should stay the course of chiro/physio or turn to medical system more.  Like I said, thought chiro would be able to straighten things back out, but nobody, medical doctor or chiro seems to see the value of as much imaging as you can get to get the best picture of what we are dealing with instead of guessing!

I'm a mechanic and if somebody comes in with a high fuel consumption complaint, I don't just assume that since a dirty air filter can cause this and is the simplest thing..just do that and send them on their way.  I will hook up diagnostic tools to get best picture of whats going on and then make your call with all possible info a your fingertips!



  • Are you in North America? You might want to look into PRP or prolotherapy before you go under the knife for back pain, surgery has a very low success rate, which is why most doctors are willing to try EVERYTHING else first! 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,440

    hi laidup!!
    welcome to spine health
    i am so sorry about everything you and your wife are having to go through right now. medical issues are bad enough, but losing your job, stressful.
    you will not find very many members here who are fond of chiros. they don't find the root of the problem and then fix it. they just want you to keep going back.
    what was the findings on the x-ray? if it were me i would want to know what is causing the problem and how can we fix it. diagnostic testing, such as mri, should clarify everything.
    please click on the welcome link below for more information.

    welcome to spine health

    make an appointment with a specialist first, see what is wrong. keep us posted.
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  • I'm in Ontario, Canada.  My chiro just faxed my family physician requesting an MRI.  Yes, I also think it would be nice to find out what is actually the root of the problem.  Something is impinging the lower nerves and although I like to get out of the bed and move around, I am not sure if that is causing more damage to the nerves or not.  Laying down now, the numbness trickles down to both my shin areas and in last few days the pinky of my left hand is numbish (feeling like its been slept on and gone to sleep kinda thing.

    Reason I went to chiro, is in the hopes that they would try to straighten things out and be able to by doing that find out and relieve the nerve pressure.  All medical docs do is fire pain and inflammation pills at you and say see a physiotherapist.  I believe this is beyond what a physiotherapist can do. 

    If my family doc plays ball and orders an MRI based on a chiros request...might be fat chance of that, although why you would not want all the imaging you can get to rule various things out or in, is beyond me.  That will be at least a month wait time, guaranteed..all the more time for nerve to be possibly damaged more, more time to be going around in various levels of pain.

    The constant pain, is elevating my already problematic high blood pressure issues (thanks mom).  Today, the day after my chiro session which is the worst, since the inferential machine while feeling great at the time, just angers my locked up muscles down there and I have to pay the piper later for that, has my readings at 191/111.  This again is just a one time spike (highest to date) but my average I'd say is 155/95 ish.  My BP meds are outmatched by my current condition, for they used to do ok at keeping it in check.

    Everything just seems to go in such slow motion for this issue, like its not that big of a deal.  But on one hand you a have a medical community that makes money every time you swipe your health card or prescribe meds, so of course the longer they can dangle you the other where the chiros, same thing, they make more off you with every visit they have you...where does that leave a person..sad state of affairs!

  • If you can get the MRI request sent to KMH in Kitchener they are the quickest MRI bookings in Ontario. All the other places are booking into March 2018, unless you have an EXTREMELY proactive doctor. GOOD LUCK!!

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