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deadlift injury in gym

 i am suffering from  dead lift injury in gym in lower back .since 26 august 2017........initially it was acute pain like in all injuries but eventually after few days pain dissipated pain now but symptoms like tingling or light pain in legs ,buttocks, lower back etc......sometimes i feel lethargic and it has effected me psychologically as well.......its being 20 days since injury ...i haven't went to doctor or  have an x-ray done....i was expecting it to heal itself and i am waiting for month to over.... ... hope that i will  recover naturally and lead a normal life again ...... i have decided never to hit the gym again in life ....kindly provide me with valuable advise??



  • Advice??? Ok, see a doctor, don't give up on the gym, just stay away from deadlifts. 

  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 207

    Stay away from weightlifting.

    Find some specific exercises for lower back pain.

    If pain is gone try to go for a normal life without strenuous physical exercises

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,441

    hi tejinder!
    welcome to spine-health

    go to a doctor. how do you know this is acute pain? unless you go to a doctor to find out why you are having tingling in different areas, how are you going to know to treat it? and, by not going, are you causing more damage?
    kindly advice, stay away from weightlifting, period, go to the doctor.
    i cannot begin to tell you the amount of members in the past that have been on this forum with messed up backs, all from weightlifting.
    please click on the welcome link below for more information to get you started on the forum.

    welcome to spine health

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  • I have gone to doctor and got MRI done   And unfortunately its protrusion in L5 S1 causing compression on neural formina .conservative treatment is going  on and no idea how long it will take to heal right now its draining me physically financially psychologically and i am worried for my future   .....

  • Try and stay positive...I know, it's very challenging.  But it is what it is now, and if you want to get better, you need to tell yourself that you are going to give it everything, stay on the right path and listen to the advice of professionals.

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  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 207

    There îs no quick fix and some professionals are quite good in draining out your money.

    You need to educate yourself about your problem, listen to your body, find specific exercises and move ahead with your life.

    With proper self care your condition will become manageable in time.

    Also some jobs involving bending/ lifting may not be appropriate for you

  • hello friends...... its been one week i haven't gone to physiotherapist after treatment for one week i have only one issue of sore or tight back as it was for two weeks before nerve compression by L5 S1 disc happened   .....i don't know whether i am right or not by discontinuing my treatment and carrying on my daily activities which include lot of sitting for studying .....i am coping with tightness in back as sometimes it become acute... but so far no pain is there... i take precautions like not bending much or lifting heavyweight ... but still i am quite nervous that what if disc protrusion worsened to more pain and what time it will be heal completely.....?? any body here with same issue or knowledge about it?? am i doing right by discontinuing physiotherapy ( i did it due to financial reasons as it was costing much) ...??? will the disc protrusion and tightness/soreness in back will heal by itself with time? ?? kindly provide me with wise advice as i am anxious about my problem..

  • Stay positive and give it time! I don,t know about the rest of the members but have you all noticed the increase of members who have recently joined all because of "dead lifting" at the gym?


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

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