Numbness under chin after ACDF C3-C4

I am about three weeks out of my ACDF surgery on C3-C4 and discetomy. I have been wearing my brace and following my post op instructions carefully. When I take my brace off to shower, I notice that the area under my chin above the incision site is totally numb. Should I be worried or is this still a normal part of the healing process?  The incision is sealed with bonding glue and looks normal, no discharge or swelling.

Thank you for input.

Blue Skies



  • Had c5-c6 done on Feb. 7. Mine is same way. Surgeon said sometimes that happens. His advice was it may or may not come back. Not a real talkative guy. Good surgeon though. I think it's actually getting a little better but just by a tiny bit 

  • Hey weinandymr1. Thanks for your response. I don't meet with my surgeon until October 19th. I hope some sensation returns between now and then. I thought the tingling in my shoulder blade was gone, but it started again today. Fingers crossed that this is all for good.

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  • . When I left hospital after surgery, my shoulder still hurt, even a little worse than before and this was the whole reason o had the surgery! About a day later the pain went away.  I'm now about to sleep on that shoulder which is absolutely great since I sleep on my side. Good luck with the numbness. I really don't notice it much now. Still there but I just forget about it. Only time I remember it is when shaving

  • Just heard from my surgeon’s nurse. Says numbness can last anywhere from 6 to 8 months post surgery.  Wow! I was shocked to read that. At least now I know that I can’t rush this recovery process. Hope you’re careful not to knick yourself while you’re shaving.

  • Are you able to sleep laying flat in bed? I’m still sleeping in a recliner. It’s getting old quickly.

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  • I slept in my bed 3 days after my surgery. Still had collar on so it was different. Couldn't sleep in the recliner hardly at all. Guess I was lucky compared to others. Quit taking all pain meds 2 days after surgery and haven't taken anything at all since February.  I have to sleep on my side or I constantly wake up. Hope my numbess and yours goes away! My surgery seems to have cleared up my issues. Has yours ?

  • Hi , I am experiencing that same numbness under my chin. Sometimes I feel the whole right side of my face go numb also. My 6week post op appointment with my neurosurgeon is on Wednesday. I will definely ask about that. At least I know it's not uncommon to have that numb feeling.Happy healing to all.

  • This happened to me after my 2 level ACDF. Most of the numbness went away but there is a small patch of skin that had remained numb under my chin.

  • I had my AC/DC surgery April 20 and my pain was completely gone after a couple weeks and have been doing great until today I have so much pain in my left side of my neck worse then before and goes into my shoulder and horrible headaches have returned, I had jerked real bad last night when I went outside a bug flew at me omg I jerked real quick and not sure if I messed something up now ☹️

  • Omg ACDF surgery golly hate spell check

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