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24 year old, 6 months after injury, only worse

Hello all - I wanted to start a forum to share my frustrations and see if there is any advice to offer up. I will update this post with images and reports, but for now a summary should do.

In march of this year I went of a snowboard jump, I landed it (did not fall) but felt that my back would be in pain for a week and knew I would be incapacited (I've felt this before when deadlifting). After a week of healing slowly I figured I'd be good and tried a back strengthening exersize, knew immedideatly it upset my back and back to 4 days incapacitation. 

I got a MRI shortly after that (and have gotten 3 more since), 4 disks herniated but only only one that could be causing pain. This was my l4-l5. This had a bludge that was 'almost touching the nerve' but probably not. I was unable to sit or stand for periods of time without burning beginning to appear in my back, and then getting worse. My only safe place is lying down on a hard surface (my bed). Doctors don't understand why I am in so much pain. I've had 3 procedures since then, including s1 steroid injection, l4-"5 disk direct injection, and to eliminate cause for something else four injections in one procedure in four lower facets in my back. None have provided any relief whatsoever 

I have been unable to sit or stand for months now. I feel that a simple l4-l5 microdisectomy would cure this, however now the doubt of doctors have made me more cautious. 

Also, within the last week I started experiencing large leg pain behind knees and random cramps, got an MRI a few days ago and a new injury, s1 is pinching a nerve. 

Now I believe that they will want to do a microdisectomy there, but doctors are still not sure about my l4-l5. This is the whole start of my injury, and I am slowly getting worse and worse as doctors do nothing for me. I am starting to feel helpless, and don't know what else I can do. Do I force a dual microdiasxtomy now? Note I've done my physical therapy exerersizes every day for the last 3 months until a few days ago. 

I've seen 10 surgeons, no one volunteering to do surgery themselves, 1-2 maybe if I force them too.  



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