Recovery 8 days after Tlif with 6 screws 2 rods L4-5 and L5-S1

I had my surgery Sept 12, 2017. I stayed in the hospital for 6 days due to pain and not being able to walk very far. So finally day 3 after Surgery I was able to wake a little ways up the hospital hallway. Was using the bed pan for the bathroom because having to put the back brace on and off was just too much. So finally day 4 I was able to get up with back brace on walk a little further down the hallway and up and down 7 stairs. 

The Dr decided I would be released day 6 to a Skilled Nursing Facility because I had stairs to climb at my Apt and he felt like it was the best. I told my Dr. I wanted to go home and that I do live alone but would have family support. So I left the hospital Monday the ride home was the worst, it was hard trying to sit down and any pot hole or bump was the worst. 

Ok I'm home and here is my issues, first is finding a easier way to get myself out of bed. I roll over once I'm assisted with putting my brace on and push myself using my arms to sit up. It hurts and I have major muscle spasms. Standing up isn't so bad or walking. I tried sitting at my dinner table I have high chairs it was ok but had to sit up in an uncomfortable position and once again trying to stand up bad muscle spasms.

I know I'm on a few days out of surgery, but when will it get easier? After just walking to my dinner table from my bedroom and walking a few times in the living room I'm tired. The Dr. says they don't want you to lay down all day, but what can I do? I don't wanna over do it but I don't want to be all stiff. I still have my staples in. Each day is different. I'm curious as to getting up and then putting my brace on because my help will be leaving in a few days. Has anyone did that?



  • PFOSTERMPPFOSTERM California Posts: 22

    I'm on day 28' I find it still difficult to take care of myself. It's early in our healing. Try to be patient. Unlike you mornings are easier. Early am,s are horrible. Around 2 or 3 am. Still wake up every 2 to 3 hours.

  • I'm  10 months after fusion, L4-5 S5-1. And a laminectomy.  I don't have the leg pain I had before surgery. But the back pain is so much worse. I still feel as though I have a tree branch in my back. I can't walk very far and I have two numb feet. Frankly, I would trade the pain before surgery for the pain after surgery. I have had very little support from my surgeon. $87, 000.00 later, and  I have seen him once! He prescribed PT after 6 months but it costs $40.00 a session, much more than I can afford. My advice: don't have the surgery if you can possibly do without it. The fail rate is about 50%. Something they failed to mention before they put me under the knife. Australia has banned fusion surgery because it crippled so many people. Having said that, the best I can say is put one foot in front of the other and get on with life. Take frequent breaks, and as the song says, "Stay on the sunny side of life."!

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  • Hello PFOSTERM, yes the surgery is still very early in my recovery, I'm just not use to being so limited on what I can do. Also reading other people's stories of showering by themselves like I am using a shower chair and have to get my daughter to assist me. I'm being patient because I don't want to hurt myself. 

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