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connection between poor quality sleep and Cervicogenic headache

Hello to all,

I need help! I am suffering from morning headaches for years, my sleep quality is very poor with many arousals during the night (for few seconds and go back to sleep), in the morning the pain starts each time few minutes after I wake up, it starts at the neck and immediately climb up to the right side of the head (back and top of the skull) and a bit above my right eye. after so many testings with different doctors they didn't find anything, but a spinal dr found that I have occipital neuralgia, at start i had the nerve block with no help, then the verve block with ultrasound and it helped for a short while, so the next step is to do the cervical medial branch block which i did once and it helped, waiting now to RFA. 

My only concern is that I don't understand what exactly is my problem? I know that bad sleeping position (like sleeping on my stomach) may compress the nerves c2 and c3 which cause the Cervicogenic headache, but every morning i have this pain for a long period of time until 12 pm, sometimes until 3 pm and sometimes until 6 pm, then it stops. However, if I laying down in the morning and fall asleep for 20-30 minutes the pain is gone! so in my mind, i am kind of "fixing" my poor sleep by adding half an hour of quality sleep. so if this is the case i wanted to ask you guys - is this possible that poor quality sleep (many arousals during the night) may cause muscle spasms and compress the nerves and then cause Cervicogenic headaches? and i mean by poor quality sleep is not sleeping on the stomach and turn the neck to side but i mean that i cant sleep for 5-6 hours straight (many arousals), is it possible that this problem will cause these headaches? thanks 



  • HI with the cervicogenic headaches do you also get facial pain, which seems like you have sinus problems and affects the upper front teeth, because that what I am experiencing. I had last year spinal fusion at C5/C7 combined with fusion at C6/C7 which was carried out many years ago

  • hi liba110

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    good luck with the rfa and hope it brings some relief.

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  • Hello, 

    no facial pain besides above the eye (on eyebrow), no teeth pain. The pain is a result of poor sleep (not because of position but because many arousals which affect the sleep quality),  this problem will (according to my Dr) creates spasms on the neck (C2 C3) which cause occipital neuralgia, is it possible? 

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