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Do Pins and Needles/ Numbness Mean its Getting Worse?

robinflrrobinfl Merritt Island FLPosts: 39
edited 09/25/2017 - 7:36 PM in Neck Pain: Cervical

I have problems at C5/6/7 awaiting next surgeon appointment. 

The pain has been in my left shoulder, neck and arm occasionally in my thumb. This week most of my hand feels like pins and needles and two fingers next to thumb are mostly numb.  Does this mean my neck is getting worse?  

Another weird thing: now I am having muscle spams on my right arm. HORRIBLE Charlie house- get out of your chair- hollering spasms. 

(DEJAVU: Last year I had similar pain on the right side and C7/T1 artificial disk put in Dec 2016. The pain was worse than I have now and I could barely use my right hand.)



  • Hi robinfl

    Any numbness should be reported, so I would advise contacting your team for advice.  They may want to bring your appointment forward or will advise what to do.

    I was advised to present at A&E if certain symptoms happened before my surgery date, because I would then be treated as an emergency by my team.  Different area of spine but certain things should be reported or examined by a medical professional.

    So sorry you are suffering such horrible spasms.  I had these in my leg nightly, throughout the night, so I can relate to how awful they are.  By the time I got to surgery, I had worked out certain positions brought this on and tried to support my leg in a way to prevent some - when I was awake!!!  Asleep was a different thing!

    I hope you are able to found some relief from the pain.


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