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20 years old help please


April of last year I was a server and I picked up a glass tray and my back started to hurt immediately. I went to the doctor and they took x-rays, gave me muscle relaxers, and said it if doesn't get better he will see me in two weeks. Well two weeks went by and my back didn't get better, so I went back. He sent me to physical therapy. I went and I didn't notice any improvement once I finished. I just continued to deal with the pain. It has gotten so much worse j get back to the same doctor. He gave me a steroid pack and anti inflammatory and a muscle relaxer and said if it didn't get better to let him know. It didn't get better so he refereed me to a spine surgeon in our area. I just got out of the appointment with the surgeon. He told me everything looks fine on my MRI and X-rays. He said I should start going to the gym and just do trail and error to try and manage the pain. He also wants me to go back to physical therapy and to come back to the office in 4 months to see how I'm doing. When I come back my appointment will be with the nurse practitioner. I asked why I wouldn't be seeing the surgeon and his nurse said "since he doesn't see a need for surgery he just wants you to see her." I'm so frustrated right now. I know I'm only 20 but I shouldn't be in this much pain. It's not normal and I'm so tired of it. 



  • you need to rest or you will do permanent damage. you need to be super careful even after the pain subsides.  Don't go to physical therapy while accutley injured, your doctor just sent you there because he doesn't want to treat your pain.

    These are my opinions after after dealing with back pain since your age (33 now), having a herniated disc and back surgery.

    I would go see an interventional pain management doctor.

    Also take a look at your mri radiologists report, what does it say? is there a bulge in the disc? a herniation? 

  • Where would I find my MRI reports?

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  • Jter85JJter85 ChicagoPosts: 4

    aff0005, you should be able to get your MRI report at the place you got it done at. Ask them for a copy and they should give it to you. Demand it if you have to. It's your health. Where at in your spine is the pain? Focus on the physical therapy exercises and if your therapist isn't helping, find someone else. If there's nothing on the MRI, PT is definitely the way to start. You can also inquire about getting injections. Epidural injections, facet injections, a medial nerve block, and myofacial release are your starting points to ask about and research. Good Luck!

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