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Botox Trigger Point Injection

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Spinal Injections
Friday my Dr. did a Botox trigger point injection. I had a different dr do 7 trigger point injections a couple of months ago, they hurt and bleed. Thee Botox is injected using a small long needle, it is just bigger than an acupucture needle with an emg lead attached to it. I did not feel the needle go in and barely felt it when he moved the needle around. I have 4 heriated discs in my lumbar but what has been causing me the most pain has been a pinched siatica due to a muscle spasam or trigger point. My Dr did not act wishy about the injection, he said "It WILL work!" I am starting to feel relief but he said it takes 3 weeks to reach full improvement.
The mfg of botox is finally working on FDA approval to use it on muscle spasams in the lower back, maybe than insurance co's will pay for it as it is $$$$$$.


  • The Botox injection has helped reduce the spasms in my buttocks pinching my sciatic nerve. The only thing was it took longer than the 3 weeks, more like 4 months. I may still need one more injection but am fighting the insurance company.
  • I've had Botox 4 times now. I get it in my right buttock area along with cortisone/freezing into my SI joint. It's to help with my muscle spasms as well. The first time I had it I had less than 2 weeks combined of improvement (I'd have a 1/2 good day then a few bad days then another 1/2 day and so on) the next two were less effective. I had my fourth Botox Jan 19th along with the SI injections and it's been the BEST one yet!!! I went back 2 weeks later and had a caudal injection. The Botox for me is painful!! Not the injection of the Botox but the prob he inserts (emg) to make sure he is actually in a muscle. He can tell from viewing a monitor if he's near a bone,nerve,dead zone(tissue/fat) or if he's in the muscle.
    Once he sees he's in a muscle he turns up the dial to clarify the muscle he's in. That to me is the painful part. My leg flares around and I have NO control of it. I compare it to working out: when you feel your muscles getting to the brink you stop, well with this you can't because your not in control. Once he's sure about the muscle he turns the dial back down and then injects the Botox. (the emg probe needle is hollow therefore the needle with the Botox in it can be injected thru it) I get 7 or more at a time plus the SI.
    Yes it costs big $$$. It depends on how many units of Botox you are given. My work Insurance covers it. Thank goodness!!!
    My chronic pain doctor didn't start with using Botox. It took almost 2 years of using many different treatments.It was as he put it "my last resort" I go about every 2 months for new injections. My buttock on the right side feels flat compared to my left buttock that doesn't get Botox. It paralyzes the muscle therefore helping with the spasms and pain. Botox isn't for everyone. It all depends on your situation. It's amazing the many uses Botox is used for. :)
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  • When he put the needle in the muscle he turned the speakers on his laptop on and moved the needle around by sound (it sounded like a Geiger counter), he was listening to the electrochemical sounds my muscles made, there was no input from the emg. My doctor was recommending the Botox early on after the injury, it took me fighting the WC company and getting my boss to change my treating doctor and then me paying out of pocket to get it done. Due to my diabetes going haywire with cortisone I'll stick to the Botox.
  • That sounds really neat!!! I'm going to mention it to my doc when I go back in a couple of weeks!! I would love to get away from the emg!!I can see why you stay away from the cortisone......Where do you stand now with WC? Why did your boss change your doc??
  • I convinced my boss to change the treating doctor to the doctor I had seen for an old back injury, the quack the insurance company picked did nothing for 8 months except want me to get cortisone and epidural shots. The insurance company had me pick from 2 doctors to treat my back, a geriatric internist or a womans sports medicine dr. All the sports medicine doctor wanted me to do was keep coming in to see her or her partner who is a needle happy pain management doctor. When she did trigger point injections I had to have band aids due to the bleeding. The doctor I am seeing now is great.
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  • I will be having Botox put in my neck in a couple of weeks. I also have diabetes and the same thing happened with cortisone, so no more of those. This is the last thing my doctor could think of to try. I've read some good and some bad things about it. But I'm going to try it at least once, you never know when something may actually work.
  • I don't know where you live, but a plastic surgeon I know who is THE botox goto guy in the city says if you have the doctor order for you, it will be covered by insurance and for me he would inject. He's a botox fanatic so he's always learning new uses for botox. I wanted to do it for my neurogenic bladder but unfortunately mine is the rare one and it probably would not work.

    For those who are finding the botox painful, ask for some EMLA first or some novocaine shot in the area. I always get the novacaine for the epidural and don't need anything for botox because I usually have taken pain med for something else. But the EMLA is just a prescription cream to numb the area, developed by doctor in Switzerland initially for children so they wouldn't feel their shots. It needs to be rubbed on for about 30 mins or so prior to injection. But the EMLA is what is usually used for botox (altho it does muck up the needle some and you don't always get the full dose IMO).
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