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Chronic pain /wake up/ go to sleep with it/ scared

hi so I'm a 39 year old that was a busser and two years ago started having really bad back pain mostly on left side from mid back up to the neck it hurts constately really bad not a muscle ache a freaking really bad deep dull aching pain , anyhow I've been going to worker comp doc for over a year and all he seems to say is I have a old compression fracture at t4 and a trace of 3 annual bulges at t4t5 t6 anyhow they say none should be causing me this pain,for there not pressing on nerves. I was on light duty but instead went back to full duty pain came back so bad I'd cry by the time I get home , I am now full duty but my job acomadates me and I do seating instead... my pain has never let up.... I had another MRI and this one at the bottom said possible metatastics disease are u kidding me .... I was like freaking out!! Cancer with the word possible the doc said don't worry the MRI readers always put worst case senarios and not to give it a sec thought well drew that I filled up with city of hope and am now awaiting test but I'm freaking out with the waiting , guys I have a 11 year old son please god I can't have any life threanting cancer .. anyone had these crappy possible readings like that?? Also anyone have chronic pain for more than a year with not to much to explain it?



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    hi yvonneyarid123

    welcome to spine-health

    the waiting game for test results is always a difficult one to cope with.  i had a situation 2 years ago that came like a bolt out the blue.  not in my back, but from a routine test that my doctors surgery had put me forward for, as they were part of a trail to include younger women.  i had had back surgery and this appointment was just an irritation at the time as i knew the journey and positioning for the test would be a challenge.  i certainly did not expect what i was presented with and had to have a biopsy immediately.  it totally blows the mind, when you go for routine things or about another problem and you are presented with the possibility of cancer.

    the only thing i can advise, is try to think that the day of the results is the day that you will have the facts and that is the day to deal with whatever you are presented with.  this could go either way, so give your body the chance to avoid the extra muscle tension.  try to do some things that will give you the chance for relaxation of the mind and body.  it won't take the problem away but it will side step it for a little while and help your body.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information on this very informative site.  there is lots of material to research that will help give you the power of knowledge.

    please keep us updated

    welcome to spine health



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  • Thank u... I'm waiting on a pet scan result / please lord let it just be hard core chronic back pain not this......positive thoughts please

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    Please let us know when you get the results.
    You are in my prayers.

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  • Got pets scan shows lesions in spine and they lit up got bone biopsy in like the pelvic region that came out negitive thou... city of hope says I don’t have cancer went back to ortho he says yes u do what the heck?!?!he wants me to get checked for sarcoma,, all I know is I’ve been in so much pain for a year and a half now.. and it hurts so much to lie on my back

  • Ps Med Ical is the worst when your dealing with these problems

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  • RangerRRanger on da rangePosts: 1,033

    Doc said "readers always give worst case scenario's and not give it a second thought" REALLY ???

    Sorry, that is not acceptable. You need to go elsewhere, find highly rated medical professionals that will give you accurate results. In most cases medical insurance companies agree to get more than one opinion. Their are a lot of good medical people out there, be your own advocate, research and ask a lot of questions. Don't accept a "shoot from the hip" diagnosis and live with it. You deserve better.

  • Ok now seeing a neurosurgeon ( who by the way acted like , why are u seeing me?) anyhow had consultation he said he will order another mri but to follow with oncologist... I told him what ?!? Oncologist said I don’t have cancer he said maybe your really healthy and it’s not showing in blood test yet , please lord don’t tell me that !! Anyhow waiting for approval for another mri.. the neurosurgeon is from Usc keck so far he’s not very nice.. I’m very scared and he acted like I was in the wrong place and bothering him , let me tell u I don’t even know what kind of doctor to see and my primary doctor is like who should we send u too (lol state Med Ical) I’m not a doc and I don’t know where to go for lesions in my spine all I know is it hurts so bad and is only getting worse..every time I go to a new doc they say oh not me !! Well who then!?? 

  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 699

    If the oncologist said you do not, then maybe the neuro and the onco need to speak directly. No way you should be the communication device between them. 

    It is hard to believe that there is no nerve impingement when you are feeling this much pain. Aren't the nerves the information highway of our body, and if they are being impinged they let us know by giving us pain? Wouldn't the fractures show on an Xray? To me, it does not matter the size of the bulge. As long as there is nerve impingement it is going to be painful. Pain is really the bodies only way to let us know something is wrong. So maybe your body is just a bit more sensitive to the pressure. That's not a bad thing though.  

    You might also look at the alignment position of your shoulders and hips. If they are out this can cause a war between them. Also, your scapula could be out of position if your shoulder is. Do you have any spinal curvature or twisting of the spine? 

  • This is similar to my symptoms, I have right dull pain like a pulled muscle between my spine and shoulder, they always told me it was refered pain from my gallbladder. Once removed the pain has gotten worse and is not traveling up my neck and into my ribs. I have a thoracic MRI on Thursday and I’m praying that it comes out ok. I’m praying for you and please keep us updated on how your doing. 

  • debbie426- I'm 30. They removed my gallbladder for same symptoms, I'm curious what they ended up saying about you. Since I'm having worse pain as well.

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