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Upper mid back pain between scapula @21 years old

Hey guys,

I would like to know if somebody has the same problem as me. My thoracic spine at T5 or T6 hurts when i put my chin down toward my chest. This is something that has been affecting me for a little while, around 5-6 weeks or so. It all started when I visited a chiro for a sciatic nerve pain, where he told me to lay on the patient bed and then take a deep breath which he after pushed on my upper back between my scapulas on my T5-T6. I could hear a loud pop and immediately after a irritated upper back. He told me the pain should disappear in a day, it didn't disappear but the pain is not as bad as the time where he pushed on my back. I went to the doc and I asked if it could be a inflamed muscle, she told me that I should train my back in order to improve from the pain. Sometimes the pain can also be there and sometimes it disappears, but if I apply heat therapy it somewhat improves. Also I am able to pop my sternum when my upper back is really irritated. My chiro told me that my right leg is 7-8 millimeters shorter than my left leg, he pushed on my lumbar spine to correct the ''postural imbalance'' but I don't know if I can believe the fact that I have a postural imbalance or if such thing even exists. My doc even told me that I have a mild s****osis but not a severe one, my back still looks fine. I don't know if training ruined my posture.

Does anyone have an idea for the cause of my pain in the back?



  • hi dani163

    welcome to spine-health

    it is a little unclear if you have had an mri as you mention mild stenosis, which may mean you have.

    i think you will find many members avoid chiropractors.

    if your doctor is not aware of what happened at the chiros, i would report this and ask for further investigation if your pain is still a problem in that area.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information on this very informative site.  there is lots of material to research that will help give you the power of knowledge.

    welcome to spine health



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  • Hi I'm in a very similar situation. Chiropractor did the exact thing to me when I complained of a kink in my spine by my right shoulder blade. Heard a crunch but it didn't hurt. Seems to have gotten a lot worse since then though.

    A lot of cracking going on in that region but I had some of that before as well. Not sure what to do, as i dont want to go back to the chiro. Is it inflamed? Heat seems to help but didn't really notice anything with cold. Maybe I'll give it another try.

    I'm considering a physical therapist as my next step. I believe and hope that it is posture and muscle related. Been doing stretches and light exwrcises for posture. I have good days where i think its gettig better but then it gets worse again. 

    Any news for You since you made this post? 

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  • I suggest you get an MRI ASAP. I'm only 24 I had the same problem for 2 months and it was discovered that I have a spinal tumor 

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