3 tier cervical spine fusion, pain, cognitive, motor skills

hi, I've been a lurker before my surgery and read alot of helpful things. now that I've had the surgery I need all kinds of help. I'm scared and confused. to start off some background  in 41, and a little person. I've always has joint, bone issues but then one day things got out of control. I stopped taking my cymbalta for depressing to try a different med and everything flared up and o could not get it back under control.  extreme nerve pain radating down my left arm. every pain there is, stabbing, dull, sharp tingling numbness in my hand, weakness. had a MRI that showed severe crumbling of discs c4-c6 with crushing of the spinal canal and c6-c7 completely demolishing my nerve to my left arm. I went through pain management injections, 3 in a 3 month span, PT,  went back on cymbalta and tried everything else med wise to control it. my last stop was the acdf fusion. so I had that done. sept26th. I'm almost a week out and ivery already been back to the hospital for pain management. there in found my spinal canal has swollen and i was put on IV steroids and pain meds. was in for two days....I'm out I'm on oral steroids, percocet,  methacarbamol, ativian(I was on that before) colace and mirlax (since I haven't pooped in over a week.) I'm also using a bone growth stimulator 4 hrs a day and only have to wear a brace when outside the house. ..ok so here's my issues.

my pain in now on my rigjt side almost in the shape of a butterfly around the base of my neck (in the back) over ny right should blade,  up my right shoulder into my neck then back down the other side. the pain starts as soon as I wake up. I'm aside sleeper if that matters. I get horrible pain in my neck and shoulder when I stand up. no lower back pain. no pain at the incison site, except when I cough and it feels like an alien is gonna burst from the throat.  the pain from trying g to stand up bothers me alot scares me that something else is wrong. also I'm having cognitive and motor function issues. I feel like I'm gonna fall over even when siting, almost a vertigo effect. when walking I feel like I'm being pulled forward or to the side without my consent. it's taking me days to type this as my fingers keep hitting wrong buttons and then I think I'm delelating words and what comes out is. helplllllllllllll. instead of deleted I hit a bunch of l's and alot of between words. I know these things may seem like nothing but to me it's out of character. I'm still the same way even if I haven't taken any meds yey.

I'm not sure if this a normal side effect of the surgery. if I will regain composure. if this this something I should talk to my dr about. could the swelling be causein thisn.  and the pain when I stand up. I know I have a long road to recovery but I guess need reassurance that this will go away that I'm not having onset of a stroke or something.  any help would be awesome 

thank you 



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