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Lumbar Traction?

Hello spineys,

Has anyone ever had lumbar traction? I'm doing physical therapy for my L5S1 disc and my SI joint. In addition to the stretching, I just started traction. It's a pretty unusual feeling. Not sure that it's working. And it seems pretty medieval. 

What's been your experience?




  • I had it done at my chiropractor. It didn't help me. Just make sure you let them know if the pressure starts to hurt you. There were times when he would try to increase the weight and it would hurt more, but in my legs like sciatic pain. I let him know and they immediately lessened the weight. Maybe other people have had success with it, but nothing has helped my pain yet. I hope it helps you!!

  •  Thanks for the warning. It hurt in a little last time but I ignored it. Won't do that again. It seems to be working a little yesterday I had  about five hours with no pain. But I was still taking pain meds. The best thing would be no pain and no pain meds. How can I get to that? That would be so  so so oooo nice

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  • Haha well if you find out let me know what the secret is! Glad it seems to be working for you!

  • WELL, about that..... i had lumbar traction on Thursday. It really hurt during the process. At the end the PT comes over and says if it hurt, why didn't you push the red button. I said, most of PT hurts, so why should this be any different. So next week they will drop it down to 10lbs lighter. 

    I could feel the dang table stretching me too much, but since I've never had it before I didn't know how much was too much. I was feeling okay by the end of the day, but I'm feeling now like I need to run away from PT and never go back... Sort of like Hobbit Sam tells Gollum, "leave now and never come back!"



  • I recently tried this at a new chiropractor appt. It didn't work. But the short nap was great. 

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