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I'm a week out of 3 tier acdf surgery.  I've been back in the hospital for pain management and an x ray showed swelling in the soft tissue. was put on steroids. I am now on a dose pack at home, percocet 5/325  one or two every 4hrs, methacarbamol 4x a day and ativan 3x as needed.. and I take all of it. around the clock. the pain at the base of my neck, up into the base of my head and down the right shoulder.  what I don't know is having this much pain normal.  how long am I gonna be popping meds like tic tacs? there is a slight chance I am pushing myself a bit.too much as well. i.e. doing 6 dishes., cleaning counters. I have a hard time staying still. but laying down for periods at a time seem to aggravate the pain. any feed back on levels of pain and recovery would be appreciated. 



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    Hello ninjalu.
    Below is a very good article you might want to read.

    Reading material about ACDF 

    I have never had this surgery but other members have. You can also go into Surgery Buddies and read discussions.
    Hang in there and keep us posted.

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