Chronic back pain, have to pop/crack dozens of times a day



  • HI I am new to this Forum and so excited to find this after searching for months for some relief in my mid back thoracic area.  I have tried massages, reiki healing acupunture, mattress topper, exercise, heat etc... It started back in October 2019. I woke up one morning with horrible pain and I have moments of relief with sun, hikes, movement, standing desk but early morning, sleep laying down and evening tends to get worse for me.  I am hoping to find out ways to manage.  OH also I did have x rays and just mild degeneration in my Thoracic area or arthritis.  Currently doing PT and praying to get some relief, again good days and bad days. I especially have pinching in my scapula muscle area only on the left side and only during evening, mornings and laying down.  I have read some of the posts here and finally feel like I have found a place I can vent since I feel like such a downer with friends and family.  I guess you are all dealing with this too in different ways.  Is there any advice I can get on how to manage this?   Also taking a ton of supplements for joint health and trying to control inflammation.  Would appreciate any advise, validation or help. The only thing that relieves me is Advil and I am worrying about ruining my liver so I take it sparingly and suffer with the pain.  Thank you for listening to me ramble. Much appreciate. 

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