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Chronic back pain, have to pop/crack dozens of times a day



  • Hi all,

    Signed up on the forum just to comment, as some of you guys are experiencing similar symptoms to what I have been suffering with.

    For me it all started about 4 years ago with chronic costocondritis, where I would have to sneeze to unlock my sternum tightness. After finally having enough and with no help from my GP, I bought a back-pod and did various stretching regimes from YouTube, and thankfully after a few months my costocondritis was almost gone. I carried on with postural correction stretches as I observed my posture was quite bad and my posture improved significantly within a month or so.

    After a stretching session one day, I started getting stabbing pains in my inner thigh along with foot tingling and then out of nowhere I fainted. Various specialists (neurologists, ENT) found nothing, and put it down to a one off freak event which had nothing to do with the stretching which I don't believe to this day - it wasn't a coincidence! From that day onward, I started experiencing severe brain fog, light headedness, tingling in hands and feet and neck ache. The brain fog and numbness in my limbs was by far the most concerning and took over a year to ease off. 

    However, for the last 2 years I have continued to suffer with a very sore aching neck on the right side which I constantly feel the need to crack, which then feels like I am inflaming the muscles and the joint and making it worse (I must crack it 50 times a day). I wake up with this ache every day and it gets worse as the day progresses. This causes issues with tension headaches, TMJ, ear popping, jaw joint popping, tooth ache and facial numbness / pressure on my right side. I've tried mouth guards for the TMJ symptoms and it makes no difference for me as I don't clench my teeth at night. The chiropractor did note that I had slightly uneven shoulders and a high shoulder on the right side though.

    I don't think it was a confidence that all these problems started developing when there was a rapid change to my posture. I suspect I damaged nerves by over-stretching or changed my structure in a way that put pressure on nerves, but the specialists seem unwilling to consider this and only focus on their very small areas of expertise rather than a holistic approach. Because of this I've started to do my own research again, and to look at the one area that I think caused it all: posture! I ordered a peanut roller ball which I've used daily for 3 weeks. This feels good but I can't say it had made a difference. Last week, I also purchased a posture brace which drags my shoulders back and down. This has resulted in some pretty severe aching between my shoulder blades over the last few days, and some very sore muscle knots each side, but to my surprise my neck pain and TMJ symptoms have been quite mild compared to what they were for the last 2 days. I've not had this relief for months! I'm hoping that if I can gradually fix my high, uneven shoulders over the next few months, my symptoms issues will resolve themselves.

    I will give you guys an update in a couple of weeks, to let you know if this is just temporary relief or whether it is looking like a long term fix. I appreciate the symptoms you have won't be identical, but if the specialists find nothing, posture could well be the cause, it's just finding which area to fix and keeping up with the regime.

    Good luck all.

  • Hello! I feel like i’m super late to the party. I finally found a place that explains everything i’ve been feeling & has given me more understanding than any other website. As much as I wish none of us were going through this, i’m happy there’s people who understand me. I’m about to turn 20 & i feel like i’m 80 years old. Ive always had little back pains here & there but recently it’s gotten so much worse. Everyday I wake up & I already feel uncomfortable. I have to crack my back like 20 times to start my morning. If I don’t crack, it just hurts. There’s always parts that don’t crack & I cant seem to find a way to pop that area & it makes me super uncomfortable & frustrated. Throughout the day, I can’t even go 5 mins without already feeling my back start to tighten & there I go popping my back anyway that I can. I find myself looking like i’m getting possessed trying to pop my back because i’m trying all these weird twists, bends & turns. Its ridiculous & im getting tired of it :( I haven’t gone to any kind of doctor but i’m hoping to go to a chiropractor soon. I hope we all get better :/ 

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