Chronic back pain, have to pop/crack dozens of times a day



  • crackit  be glad it is nothing serious. yes, it seems problematic, but it appears it will be resolved and you need be patient(?). I know I will need a psychologist at some point :)

  • @crackit I have the same feeling as you and others about the need to crack my back. I also feel the need to crack my neck too. It feels like this tightness between my shoulder blades and the only thing I can do is constantly crank or stretch the muscles out. I'm not sure if it's a nervous/ anxiety type thing or stress or if something else is wrong. I have had MRI's and xrays and nobody has said anything looks weird, besides my lumbar which I just had surgery on 6 weeks ago. 

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  • Update: I've been trying to crack less. Went to the gym yesterday and would normally crack my joints to loosen up before lifting. This time I didn't, and guess what happened... Injured my lower back, just as I predicted! I give up. Can't live a life of constant pain and injuries. Unless I get dry needling every day there is nothing else that will loosen me up other than cracking. 

  • Crackit I too am hypermobile and all day every day in pain and needing to crack my back my neck my shoulders. I have had an mri and been told some bulging in lower disc yet no issues and been tested for arthritis yet was negative. At my wits end with this and cannot cope with this for rest of my life, been suffering for 4 years all day every day. Too much want to get to the end of this surely hyperomobility syndrome must have treatment or a relief for the constant pain. I can understand what your feeling I feel like nobody understands what I m talking about and just being extreme. It takes me ages to sit comfortably and even if bed at night I am constant rolling about trying to crack shoulders and get comfy and wake up so tiff like I need to be run over with a steam roller!

  • Hello! Unfortunetely I too have the exact same symptoms like you guys (crackit 100%). 2 years in. I was thinking.. maybe we should write a few things about our selves to try to find something in common, what we did or what we are doing wrong. I will start and I hope you will add something too.

    I am 36 years old, very much like eggs, meat, bbq's, would drink about 4 to 6 beers when I go out. If I look back now I can't remember myself ever pouring a glass of water and drinking it, so I did really not drink enough water for sure. I slept on a very soft matress for the last 3 years because my wife liked it and I didn't really care. I stopped smoking 3 months ago but smoked for 15 years. 3 years ago started taking pills for lowering blood pressure, my pressure is ussualy around 130-140 and 90-100 now. I am at 85kg now but was 94kg a year ago, i am going down to my ideal 75kg slowly but surely. I work in an office and ocasionaly go out. I always had a popping, cracking sternum without pain. With this back problem, first came the pain under my left shoulder blade, no cracking..My doctor said it's a muscle knot, so I went to a masseuse. After every massage it felt good because the guy could really find the spot. But after 10 or 15 massages I started feeling pain on the right side, same place. I stopped massaging and did nothing. After a month or so, I felt so stiff, so I started bending a little, that's how I got the first crack and god it felt good. At first it would only crack on one side, after a few days the other side would crack too. Now I am here and I would crack my back about 10 to 20 times a day and sometimes after cracking I feel so sore I would rather die, it really hurts...but I would slowly feel better again. Maybe this all sounds silly but I don't know where else to look for answers, doctors don't really have a clue. Oh I almost forgot: l also started having neck pain and pain in my left leg at the top where the bone connects to the pelvis (isciatic pain??) What's helping me: walking, slow running, sleeping on a hard floor with yoga mat only and a very thin pillow (helps a lot), warm baths, pushups, loosing weight, exercising.. I really changed my everyday, started walking-jogging, stopped smoking, stopped drinking, eating a lot of fruit & vegetables, fish, nuts... Drinking water 3l a day and other things.. That's it for now.. I hope I don't get any bad replies...

    We have to beat this!!!

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  • That Sounds like pretty much the exact same thing as I have. It's reassuring to know there are others out there, although frustrating we are all left scratching our heads about it. I too am finding lifestyle changes to be of benefit, but obviously not a cure. Thanks for chiming in dherma!

  • Thanks for this thread. I'm in similar situation. Crack addict!! I feel like pressure builds up on my spine, and as if it's fusing together. Amazing relief when it cracks. One point high up thoracic won't though, my physio only does gentle manipulation if it goes. I have general muscle pain and trigger points all over. Did have old injuries that may contribute. Have been in trouble daily since my last pregnancy, twins, 3 years ago. Flare ups could be hips, shoulders, neck. Constant pain in one shoulder and arms and hands. I feel it is all coming from the spine. Like that's the root of it. I have referral to rheumatologist but to be honest seems like it will cost a fortune and I don't think they will actually find anything, especially reading all your experiences. 

    How are ye all doing?

  • I have just about everything you say is going on this you.  Whatever our condition is is very hard to research on the internet because it seems to be rare or just not talked about much outside of a few message boards.

    For a year I've been dealing with chronic back tightness in my thoracic spine, neck, and low back on left side.

    My tightness is always there, but it's mostly brought on when I'm standing.  My muscles that surround my thoracic spine need cracked like a 100 times per day.  It sounds like snapping a handful of uncooked spaghetti noodles when I crack my back.  When I get flares of extreme tightness is when I can't crack my back hardly at all. 

    This back tightness also feels sore, and I can mostly feel that soreness if I try to hunch my shoulders upwards or hunch my upper back upward. 

    This back tightness also makes my neck feel spasmed at times which also brings on tension headaches that cause my eyes to feel like I have a sinus infection or something.  Just constant pressure.   Also when I look down and touch chin to chest I get a pain in my rhomboid area that hurts my right scapula area.  I also get a sharp pulling pain on my left side of my neck that shoots into my shoulder.

    I've had bouts of dizziness here and there.  Sometimes I think it's anxiety that's making me feel that way because I do have really bad anxiety days because of this chronic pain, but I did have a week a few months ago where I dealt with full on vertigo.  It has since gone away.

    The only time I feel comfortable is bedtime.  Being off my feet gives me relief.  Usually in the mornings my neck and thoracic back will feel really stiff as if I was beat up the day before. 

    Every once in a while i'll discover something that gives me random relief of symptoms but it never lasts.  Like the other time I for whatever reason tried to pimch my shoulder blades together while also pushing down on a desk all in one drastic motion and it gave me this deep sounding pop in my cervical spine area.  like 3 or 4 pops all at once.  All the sudden tightness was gone.  tension in my eyes was gone.  everything was gone.  Sad thing is it didn't last and all came back again like 5 minutes later. 

    Ive tried chiropractic stuff which didn't help.  I'm currently in physical therapy, but as of right now it hasn't fixed it, but ive only been there twice so far.   xrays were normal.   

    I have an appointment with an orthopedist next month.  I hope at the very least they can at least give me something for the pain so that I can be more comfortable in the meantime.  I'm very worried that it's going to be yet another appointment somewhere that ends up with me just explaining my issues and then end up leaving with no medication and another appointment made.  I've yet to be given any proper medication for the type of pain im going through and its been a year.

  • But yes, like you, I crack what feels like my muscles in my back all day long everyday because it's the only thing that helps.

  • Literally signed up to spine-health simply for this thread. I'm following, I experience the same issues, constant popping of the back and neck and even hips. I've become quite the professional popper actually, if a small spot in my back needs popping I've figured out how to do quick little jolts and jerks that will pop that specific area. But boy do I suffer if I can't find relief.

    I'm 25 and have experienced this at various levels since I was fresh out of high school. At that point it wasnt nearly as bad. I went to a chiropractor and that helped a little, but I haven't sought another professional opinion. Probably because I'm a little terrified. I keep telling myself I can handle it, I can do it, I'm trying to stay strong. But here lately it's been every moment of my waking AND sleeping life. I look ridiculous sometimes with all the popping. This isn't normal.

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