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Elusive neurosurgeons, Q's for 4 week post op

So, I have a bunch of questions for my neurosurgeon. I see him tomorrow afternoon, the first time in 4 weeks. The last time I saw him I don't remember him speaking to me as I was still dopey from anesthesia. Why do they do that btw?! I've had many surgeries from different specialist and they all do that. Maybe just don't have the time for their sleeping beauties to fully wake. Anyway, just a thought that was funny. So Q's I have already are:.                                        #1 Can I PLEASE switch to a soft collar now? (Been in a hard one 24/7 since day 1)                                                                       #2 Can I drive?                                               #3 what is there amount I can safely lift now?                                                                 #4 Am I able to start light cleaning?        #5 when do I get to start PT? (should I ask if aqua therapy as well -cervical but I also have capsulated shoulders).             #6 nerve pain is gone but tingling in all 10 finger tips. (was always just my right neck thru shoulder, arm, hand before surgery) More activity I do, the more intense- is that normal at my point in recovery and why the left side as well?    #7 what type of graft was used (I don't remember_ anesthesia)                               #8 things that I should absolutely avoid doing until my next visit?                              Of course there will be more about my x-rays and how he thinks my recovery is going. Is there anything else you can think of that would be a good question? Thank you for your help



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    Thank you for your response. I had my appointment and unfortunately only 2 of my questions was answered. My surgeon was only in the room 5 minutes and I have no answers about this collar or any lifts on limitations. He did say my x-rays look good and he'll see me in 8 months. His nurse is supposed to call me later with hopefully more details. From what I understand there are general markers for recovery (when it comes to cervical [I have not done any research on lumbar]). Surgery, some docs see you in 2 weeks others in 4. I was 4. Then typically 3 months,  6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. Mostly the ✓-ups are to do xrays to check fusions. This is, I'm assuming, a guideline for a patient that doesn't have any other health issues and recovery runs very smoothly. Of course more frequently for bumps in the road or cases that are more detailed.  I could be wrong or misunderstood though. 

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