Spine Fusion Stimulator

I am  to have surgery (fusion) in about a month and my orthopedic surgeon has recommended wearing this  Spine Fusion stimulator for several weeks, because it is supposed to stimulate the stem cells to regenerate quicker, and for the fusion to be complete and help it to be strong and stable.  Is anyone familiar with this device and if so how did you do with it?  Was it cumbersome to wear and get used to?



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    hi jilldb

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    please let us know the date of your surgery so we can support you through that.  there are surgery buddies groups you can join in with as well for extra support,

    i do not have experience of a fusion stimulator but while you wait for replies from other members please check out the links below.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information.  there is lots of material to research that will give you the power of knowledge.

    welcome to spine health

    all new members should take the system tutorial 
    please update us after your mri as there are surgery buddies groups here for support during and after surgery, if you require surgery.
    take care

  • Hello jilldb. What kind of surgery are you having? It  has been four weeks since I had my ACDF surgery and I have been using the Cervical-Stim® from Orthofix.  It doesn't bother me much especially if I'm up and moving around. It always stays right in place. I will say it can be slightly uncomfortable to try to rest/sleep in because it adds bulkiness around your neck but I'm my opinion that's the only downside I've noticed. Mind you, I am also in a hard collar as well. Occasionally I can hear an electric type sound but it is very, very faint. I do recommend turning it off during a phone call as you and the other person can hear it through the phone. My therapy is 4 hours a day and until committing to this I had no idea how long that is, lol. I've gotten into the routine of putting it on as soon as I wake up and doing the therapy through the morning as that's when I'm most active and the time flies by. I hope this helps and your Q's, that your stimulation process successful, and your surgery helps you get to a much better place. Gl

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  • Oh yes, I will not know the results on the stimulator helping with bone growth until my first post op appt tomorrow. Although, I have read that typically it takes a minimum of six weeks to see new fusion on X-rays and sometimes (depending on your hardware) will need a CT to document the progress. I may be mistaken on these timelines as I am definitely no expert:). Gl again

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