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First off I'd like to say how awesome it is to find a group like this. A bit of back story as to how I came to be where I am. 37 year old male.  July 2016 I lifted heavy item improperly,with back not legs. Pain was incredible the following morning. Saw my dr who prescribed prednisone and 600mg ibuprofen. No relief after taking pills. Next was physical therapy in heated pool. Again no relief. Referred to pain management dr to receive steroid injection. Little to no relief from that. MRI scheduled which showed a bulging disc. Another steroid injection schedule, which helped relieve symptoms. August 2017 I was injured at work. Initially thought pain in ankle was just that ankle pain. September 12 I woke up to excruciating back pain. Ended up on couch for 12 hours until brought to ER. During this time I felt a snap similar to a rubber band from right lower back to foot. Massive rupture L5-S1. Surgery was October 2. I didn't have the typical shooting pain down leg prior to surgery. Just numbness in right foot. Still have that numbness. My question is how long before I should expect to see some kind of relief? Pain I have now is mostly post surgery pain and still complete foot numbness. Sorry for the long story. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 



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    hello tmarsan 

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  • Hi tmarsan

    Glad you found this site to help you with information and other people experiences.

    You didn't mention what type of surgery you had on October 2nd?

    11 days post op is still very early days, so be careful and remember no Bending, Lifting and Twisting to give that disc and wound a chance to heal.  I was told it can take up to 3 months for the disc to heal over and to be careful about prolonged sitting or pressure on the disc.

    Some numbness can be temporary and depending on how long the nerve was compressed, it can sometimes be permanent.  Nerves are the tortoise in the healing world though, so can take a long time to heal. Be patient and work with your medical team and do all they say with walking or exercises if any set, or physio when that is appropriate and put in place.

    There is a Surgery Buddies group you could join, Forum Topics on the right side of the page. Just add a post to join in, if you haven't found this group already.


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