Back surgery too detether has left me in pain "Pseudomeningocele"

Hi all was hoping for a little advice o thoughts 

Last april 2016 I had a second op to detether the spinal cord as it was causing some nerve issues which was effecting the bladder and bowels.

Anyways about 10 days post-op I started getting some nasty lower pains which prevented me from walking or sitting and I needed to lie down to ease the pain, at first when i lied down I got a sharp pain in the lower back where it hurt which subsided but not long after my head started to hurt.

After a short time the pain subsided but I decided to get up as my head was hurting, When I stood up I got a rush of pain in my back then a weired sensation up my back and a sharp pain in my head for a split second and then the pain in the back would get worse again.

Anyways I got in contact with the surgeon who wanted a MRI and could not find any hypertension etc and sent me to pain management etc .

After physio and pain meds etc I still have this issue and I noticed a lump on my back when the pain was bad or about to start and the area was moist. Again I went back to the surgeon and mentioned all this and also suggested that having a MRI lying down may not show all the problem as the pain in the lower back eases and maybe a load baring MRI was necessary. However he mentioned I did have a Pseudomeningocele which did show up on my previous MRI but did agree a standing/sitting MRI may be beneficial.

I am awaiting the results from those.

My main question is to anyone who has had similar issues ! are these types of headaches caused my pressure from the pseudomeningocele ? should this be repaired as ive had this pain for 18 months now and is stopping me having a life as all I seem to do is lie on the bed :(




  • Good luck with your results.  At least this will rule out the things it is not and give you something to work with.


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  • Well had my results and discussion with my specialist . The psuedo is causing bad heads due to small leak that occurs when pressure changes mainly when bearing down. Looks like I also have a nerve that also escapes into it which is causing some of the pain. What annoys me is he doesn't want to repair it and has suggested a spinal cord stimulator.

    I'm not sure how that will work and how difficult it will be with a psuedo and with me having congenital scoliosis and spinabifida occulta.

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