Is this back pain?

Hi everyone,

Just a little background, I'm a 26 year old, 6 FT, 185 LB male, with about 8 years of contact football experience. I also have mild scoliosis bends out  like this icon:   (

I've been having some seriously chronic burning and aching to the left thoracic area, which is causing almost my entire left ribcage to ache and burn. I also get a variety of pain shoots out throughout my ribcage, and a burning sensation in my upper left scapula pretty regularly.

Cherry on top, I've always had issues with my lower back slipping and straining -- and constantly deal with lower back aches or pulling my back. MRI's always come back normal, with the exception of minor degeneration and scoliosis, but nothing they'd say would cause pain at this point. Where do I even go from here? Yoga? I'm so young to have this pain to the point where I can't even sleep -- I'm really concerned this is never going to get better.

Let me know your thoughts. For the record -- I've had a full lung/cardiac/digestive/neurological workup with everyone coming back normal.





  • Hello dratus

    One of my ribs is out of place causing pain inbetween my shoulder blades causing a constant burning pain..but since its supposed,to be a cage and,strong docs say also its nearly impossible to hurt..yah right

    Mine radiates left around and is,a deep achy burning especially when sitting longer than 15 min.

  • Hi Sean,

      I'd recommend you get a referral to either an Ortho or Neuro doctor to review your MRI results.  Sometimes different doctors see different things on your films.  My Neurosurgeon would not take the word of a radiologist regarding my MRI.  He wanted to read it for himself.  Which I'm glad because he found more issues than the other guy did.  In some places, the Radiologist has only a minute or two to read a study because of the workload they have.  Mistakes can and do get made.

      Given you played football so long, my guess is there is something lurking from an old injury.

      Best of luck!


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