Headaches and dizziness?

I have a C6-C7 herniated disc. I m experiencing different pains but also major headaches and dizziness.

Has anyone else experienced this? 



  • Hello Wish,

    I had two herniated discs at C5-C7.  My major complaint prior to surgery was headaches.  They caused me more problems than any of my other symptoms.  I ended up going to a neurologist for help.  I eventually had fusion surgery.  If you would like more info let me know.  Also please give more info about yourself. 


  • Thanks DMO. That is a big one for me and also what causes me more problems than anything else as well. I am awaiting approval from the insurance company for a diskectomy and replacement at C6-C7 level. Until then I am suffering. I hope that the surgery will alleviate most of it but from what I've studied it seems like a lifetime injury. 

    My headaches were more temporal (front of the head) for a good while and still occasionally get them with dizziness. As of late, most have been in the back of my head and it feels like a vice pressing out from the inside. So much pressure it's crazy. 

    How did the surgery help you? 

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  • Hi Wish,

    At the risk of being a dream crusher.....the surgery did not help.  I am a little over a year post op and I have more pain and headaches than before surgery.  I had a pain management appointment today in which the dr and I discussed this very thing.  I told her my disappointment with my two level fusion.  I started a Medrol dose pack today and still take all the rest of my meds I took pre op.  Please be careful and try all things possible before you have surgery.  I thought my pain would be better.  If you do a site search for pain after acdf you will see many posts available for you to read.  Look at them carefully.  If you would like to delve deeper into this subject send me a private message.


  • I get the headaches too, so I understand.  The dizziness is awful and bumping into things and the changes with speech and thinking.  It's taken it's toll.  I finally took medical leave yesterday,  idk if it'll get approved but I had to do what was best.  How are you managing? O have no medications,  I just somehow get thru. Think I'll be asking for pain med soon tho. 

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