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SI Fusion Recovery

I had my left si fused on 6/28 and I just did my right side on 11/2 I have to say it is like 2 different worlds, pheewwwww. 

my left side was so easy no a problem and just surgery pain. On the other hand my right side is killing me, I feel like a  vein, nerve or something is pinched or squished.  I also feel like I have a lump under my incision like the muscle is cramped up, has anyone else had this problem?

I am hoping it all starts to settle down in the next couple of day but man I am crying here and need some relief.



  •  I just had my left SI joint fusion done on December 22, 2017 I am still in a great deal of pain pain down my leg feels like aching and throbbing.  I never had the pain down my leg before the surgery . 

  • I have an appointment scheduled with a surgeon to review having my SI joints fused. I have had multiple shots, which only help short-term. I'm interested to hear how your recovery goes. I had a spinal fusion of L4 L5 in 2011. I wish you all a speedy recovery.

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  • Hi, I am new to the forum- I al so considering si fusion surgery- I read that you had a l4 l5 fusion in 2011- I as well had a fusion in 2010 on s1l5.i started having pain again about 4 yrs ago. I have several bulging disc but the worse pain is my si joints that are almost gone due to the excessive wear from the fusion.. I al si just had a bilateral si ablation 1 wk ago. Needless to say I am now miserable an in pretty bad pain... left side is worse but both are pretty painful. I,m just wondering how you feel about fusion to si joints. I feel that this is what’s left to do. I really want relief !

  • Hi Beth - I'm sorry I didn't see your note sooner - I hope this reaches you in time. Here are my comments about SI joint fusion from an earlier post: "I agree about the surgery! It's been 10 months since my iFuse surgery to fuse my left SI/sacrum. I've never been in so much pain in my life and I've been dealing with really bad SI pain for 23 years (Ankylosing Spondylitis). Mitch - did you have an iFuse? My hardware was hammered through my SI into my sacrum. I'm in hell and just praying I'm not done healing (was supposed to take 12 weeks - that is NOT TRUE whichever doctor tries to sell you on this - your nerves, bones, tissues and muscles are affected and the pain is unreal when sitting, standing, laying down, walking - no relief ever. Please let me know, Mitch, to see if a reversal is possible for me because I can't take this bone-crunching feeling anymore (haven't been able to return to work after this "non-invasive" surgery that requires titanium spikes as big as your pinkie (or larger) being hammered into your bones after the muscle (piriformis) is moved and damaged. Let's not forget the new nerve pain, too. I wish I could go back in time."

    Please let me know how you are doing. 

  • barbie2016bbarbie2016 washington statePosts: 16

    ugh.  I don't know if I want that surgery or not.  although, I can't stand for very long because of my si joint hurting.  I will be doing it in December of this year....

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  • Ashnocar - I too have pain down my leg, numbness and tingling I never had before the surgery (feels like the top of my foot is sunburned!). Beth - I hope your bilateral ablation is doing better. Those can take a few weeks to heal and then they are usually pretty effective (took me down 4-5 points on the pain scale each of the five I had for six months each). I would stick to those if I could go back in time. Take care everyone!!!

  • Barbie - there MUST be successes with the fusions but probably we're not hearing from those people with the success stories. I'm sorry I was so negative about my experience. Yours could work out very well for you! Wishing you the best.


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