Are you eating right?

Chronic pain affects more than your mind,body,and affects you in other ways.

Just like a job or atheletic event, you got to feed the machine to have it work for our case to a point.

I eat junk food..ugh..its a factor of income...but i do try to avoid candy..and cokes..and too much sugar...pretty much all the fun stuff

The comfort food, the feel good food..,

Its a mind game for me..i stress..i eat..badly...

Cortisol, a stress hormone builds helps break down good muscle..adds i up my protein to have nutrients buffer the stress hormone with nitrogen balance..a anabolic cycle..

Chikin..maaaaaan...Ahhhh LOVE me some chickin...and rice..

Simple but effective meal..microwave a couple of breasts and a cuppa rice..add italian dressing..mmmmmmmm....mmmm.mmmm.mmm.m....mmmmm!

Whats your way of eating clean Spiney?



  • RangerRRanger on da rangePosts: 248

    I think I don't eat right but I'm not all that bad either. I know I can do a lot better, I agree with William that stress plays a factor on how we eat. I've all but eliminated red meat from my diet several years ago because it will flare my severe OA. I love fish, especially walleye that is native to my area but a few years ago I developed allergy to anything with a fin, that was devastating! So it's basically turkey & chicken now, sometimes pork. I do focus on protein intake as I'm very serious about my gym workouts, for me fitness is like eating, breathing, and sleeping, it's a must do.

    Thanks to my wife she makes sure I get my fruits and veggies. Alcohol is minimal, usually one ale on date night once a week. I am terrible about my diet soda intake but since my last surgery I've cut that back. I'm prone to kidney stones so I'm trying to hydrate more with H2O and lemonade. It is hard to teach old dogs as myself new tricks but they can be swayed.

    You can reach and exceed your goals Ron, if I can you surely can! You just gotta want it bad enough.

  • No Fin???

    Eeeegads! What a sorrow!

    My protien intake came from my strength training days,nitrogen as a cortisol buffer and all..i will still drink a protein shake to get a concentrated dose about once a week.

    Gallon or so sometimes,a nite of water

    Many veg's...alcohol...only on sundays and limit of 3 or so as i dont like to get drunk..yes..ima lightweight..because years of ibuprophine attendant damages..i like my liver....

    Ron i think 2 lbs a week is better and stays off.

    I heard red veggies have the best anti oxidants?.

    Feeding the machine..a sated tummy is a happy tummy and that is a plus toward a better o my secrets

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  • I Lost 6 pounds since march 2018(since trouble started with my neck)..I have always thought to eat a balanced diet ---I am probably too fit for my age, but losing those extra pounds worried me---how it could ahve happened? my doctor thinks it's because I was worried etc, but I also think that I stopped eating some of the cheeses I ate on weekends only----I usually eat salads, avocados, every 3 days some protein in the form of fish, grilled chicken, once a month, a bit of steak.... should I be worried? i was freaking out about losing muscle, so I will start lifting light weights as the PT suggested if that worried me.  I will test and post here.

    the PT had postponed the therapy last week for 2 days, I noticed I was getting dry eye and light intolerance in that short lapse.... after the neck stretches i felt better---- still have vertigo, and waiting for my vitamin test results the doc/PT suggested. I am starting to believe this will be a therapy until things really heal 100%---  will post after vitamin results

  • AndrooAAndroo Posts: 153
    edited 10/22/2018 - 3:41 PM

    I am at my lowest weight since 2001. I respond differently to some when it comes to pain. Pain stopped me from being active, and I hated pain because of that. So there was no way I was going to let pain make me gain weight. How I lost weight instead of gaining weight came down to three things:

    1) meal planning: lunch is my weakness and working in NYC is major temptation. So every Sunday afternoon I make a massive order of makeshift chili. I just combine three types of Goya beans, one large can of diced tomatores, onions, jalapenos and Poblano peppers. I add pre-cooked carved chicken breast (Perdue shortcuts). Then spices (cumin, paprika, pepper and salt. NO COOKING WHATSOVER. Total cost = $15.00. I get 5 lunch meals. So I know for certain that 5 of 15 main meals will be perfectly healthy

    2) protein shakes: Stop & Shop store brand has whey protein for just $15.99. This lasts me a week and a half. Each morning after stretches/exercise, I make a protein shake --> one scoop of vanilla protein (20 g), half teaspoon of peanut butter and handful of frozen fruit. Total of 200 calories. Now most people like to chew their breakfast, but I have manage to drink mine these past 6 months.

    3) beverages: water, black coffee or espresso. Nothing else. Zero calories.

    Now, beer was a problem. I love beer. Some of the beers I enjoy can be over 280 calories per 12 ounce serving. I dream about beer. But I knew I would have to give it less priority in my life if I wanted to feel good. This meant drinking light beer sometimes, but also switching back to lighter lager options such as German Helles and Pilsners, and if I wanted something dark, a German Dunkel or Schwarzbier. Most of these beers are less than 150 calories. Those differences matter.

    I was a healthy 168 pounds at the onset of my disc rupture. I am now 151 pounds, albeit less muscular, but it defintiely keeps me positive as patiently get through my recovery.

  • Androo  i always thought that my weight was average, but I had always been thin, and with thinned defined muscles. I look the same now except the weight loss might be the muscles as I am not as active --cant do too much without causing pain or fear of causing more damage. I do half-superman poses and light stretching... NYC can be this way(i live here,  too)---i had to also leave the beer alone as the doc says it does not help nerve healing. I also dont want it because my symptoms include eye strain and blurred vision (if I focus too long or expose myself to too much light) and imbalance/ I cannot even drink wine.  Some people are probably kidding when they say that goes away by drinking a few beers or having some wine which i dont take seriously of course. I also left coffee alone for 4 months now...I do ginger tea and other decaf teas to avoid too much going on in my nerves.

    I was worried about atrophy but I walk a lot and drive very little. I have a standing desk etc. so my doctor says not to worry---my height and weight are in accordance to what the doc would expect...he says I also must be overworried and thus, stressed leading to losing a few pounds( when I worry or stress I dont get hungry).

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  • I am a coeliac, so my choices are chosen very carefully or the innards suffer. I enjoy seafood of any kind , I do love grilled fish, just had fillets for dinner tonight and any vegetables, could eat a bucket ful . But give me peanut butter, the crunchier the better , oh and caramel, i do enjoy a vodka and orange juice, have had a few tonight so feeling good ATM. 

  • DavidG's notes on his habits, if followed, will keep anyone trim.

  • I do eat what I want..just in responsible (ugh )portions 

    We live a tough life so I think treating ourselves is allowed.

    I do love a good protein shake on occasion  but fruit is my kryptonite

    Be kind to ourselves and give ourselves  break I think

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