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Anyone fracture their leads?

My cervical SCS gradually stopped providing stimulation earlier this year - first on one side and then on the other. When I had revision surgery last month the doctor confirmed that I had fractured both leads. I didn't fall or do anything unusual so I have no idea how this happened. Anyone fracture their leads and know exactly how and when it happened?



  • What did it feel like when your leads fractured? I am dealing with an issue where my SCS is “shorting out”. When it is on burst mode and I stand straight up, it will cut in and out. It doesn’t change intensity like a dimmer switch, ramping from high to low, it is more like throwing a breaker, off - on, off - on.  And it is just moving a fraction. Is this similar to what you felt?

  • I recently had my Boston Scientific changed to a Nevro and the leads were supposed to be a direct interchange. When I woke up after a 2 1/2 hr surgery instead of 45 minutes, they told me one of my leads was broken. I didn't know but I suspected it because I had some instances in two different programs when the sudden on/off blink would happen. I have no idea when or how it happened though. 

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  • @RWaddell50 I was having intermittent stimulation in non-therapeutic areas with certain movements. Then I had to turn my settings up higher and higher, before I eventually stopped receiving any stimulation at all from the unit. Sounds similar to what you are describing. Your rep should be able to run some diagnostics to measure resistance levels in your leads

  • Can't say I have fractured, but I did have to have a revision as my paddle dropped.

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