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Treatment doesnt help, "It shouldnt cause that much pain"

New here, wasnt sure if I should post this in the new members forum or in the thoracic pains. Decided on Thoracic because thats what its mainly about. If the admins decide to put it in new members, thats fine by me.

I have read many, many threads on this forum over the last few months. Around June, I went in for an Intercostal Nerve Injection, which lead me to a bunch of research, which led me here.

I'm 6'8, 300, and 29 years. I have always dealt with back pain or shoulder pain. Last year, I got several XRays of my lumbar to find theres nothing wrong. This year things got worse, and when I went into UC the doc took a look at my old XRays, and where I have always pointed the pain to be, and said the xray is the wrong region. He diagnosed DDD from the thoracic xray he got, and sent me for an MRI.

MRI revealed a bulging, or slipped disc. No one used the same term for it, but no one used herniated. First, the doctor tried an INI, then when that didnt work we did an Epidural. Then another. And another, which finally gave me a full two weeks of pain relief...With a full 4-6 left to go. So, I just had another recently, next one (Which would be the fifth time I am shot up with this stuff in a year...and I read it can only be done 3 times) is going to be in the first week of december or so. They also recently started me on Gabapentin, and Flexeril for flareups.

None of this works. I'm taking the gabapentin better than I take any of my meds. Doctors have told me that the disc should not be causing as much pain as it does. My PHCP refuses to do anything because he doesnt want to step on their toes. He did prescribe flector patches once, but insurance doesnt cover them and they are crazy expensive.

I work as a dishwasher. I do everything possible to work upright there, but I can only do so much, and it pays far too well to risk trying to maintain a different job. While at work, the pain just increases more and more, and I cannot stay on my feet for longer than two hours. Sometimes down to one. I want to collapse, I want to cry, I have had times where I have tried to hurt myself just so any of my pain could be taken seriously- and it wasnt.

Most the time at home though, I just mainly feel this presence in my back. I can always feel it there, like theres a knot in my clothing at that spot. Sometimes it gets sharp and starts to hurt, other times its fine. So...The purpose of this discussion thread is not to seek out medical advice, but to seek out a community. Stop standing in the background spying on yall.

Names Hjolsnfihr, thats Yoal-Sin-Fear, and its nice to meetcha.

Need a Tl;dr? I hurt like hell. Nothing helps. Hi.



  • I want to cry. I have work in two hours and the pain clinic just called me back with doctors advice. I am supposed to keep my appointments for epidurals, and schedule an appointment for the clinic to see a PA and go over what other options I have.

    Those appointments are 12/12 and 12/15 at the soonest. So basically, the doctor told me to grin and bear it for a few more weeks...

  • Hi there,

      I'm sorry you're feeling as badly as you are.  If you have access to a hot tub or swimming pool, give it a try to see if it will allow your spine to naturally decompress.  Hopefully, the doctors will find what's really going on. 

      Please do not ever try to hurt yourself.  I totally understand how frustrating it is to have pain and no one take you seriously.  But please don't hurt yourself.  If you can't tolerate the pain anymore, visit the Emergency Department! 

      Keep your head up, my friend!

    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
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  • Thank you for that description. The presence in the back. I feel the same way. Only one set of injections because it was useless and the doc was an ass. If you find anything that works, please post. Other than balling up my fist and pushing on my right thoracic area, nothing helps. PT didn’t work. 

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