Help! Tingling very inconsistent on SCS Trial



  • @JohnnyToledo it's not unusual to have your stimulation coverage change with body movement during the trial. Coverage after the permanent implant is much more stable and becomes even more stable after the leads scar into place. This will be true with SCS units from any company. I typically use my SCS with the stimulation set just below my ability to detect that its on. Still effective but not as distracting.

  • @Vince in Philly That's exactly what my rep told me (about the "scarring into place"). Good to know my rep was telling me the truth. What brand SCS do you have? My research shows me that Nevro HF10 is the best one, but the Medtronic one seems nice because you can have it at different settings for different postures.

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  • @jbower What medtronic device do you have? I think i want to get it.

  • jbowerjbower wisconsin Posts: 120

    If your doctor has another brand to try I wouldn't think he would make you go through another trial.  If you went to another doctor that has the one you want  I don't know if you would have to go through it again.  Every doctor is different but that would be a good question to ask your doctor.

  • Ok. Thing is I trust this doctor, but I don't like the St. Jude unit in me right now. Very little relief. I'm going to see if my Dr. will do the medtronic or the Nevro and, if not, I guess I'll go to a different clinic. What a pain in the ass though! They're going to have to do another prior-auth for the unit with my insurance AGAIN and yada yada yada. Thus is the life of a pain patient :(

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  • jbowerjbower wisconsin Posts: 120

    John, didn't you have your doctors appointment today?  Did you get to ask him questions about the possibility of having one of the other brands? 

    Can you tell me if you are with a clinic or a hospital?  The spine clinic I was going to was tied to one of our big hospitals so maybe that's why I had a choice of which one I wanted.  Most of the clinics though have their own preference.  

    My Medtronic module is the 97740 with patient programmer.  Personally I'm glad that I chose this one over the Nevro but that's just me.  I also have a Flowonix pain pump and while I'm still working with my doctor to find the right dosage this thing is cool.  I really like it because I don't have to charge it like my stimulator.

  • @JohnnyToledo - I have the Medtronic Intellis device. It does have AdaptiveStim, which is the capability to automatically adjust stimulation with changes in posture. However, I don't even use this feature. I turn it down when I lie down to go to bed, but other than that I just leave it alone. I have a cervical unit, and the stimulation is not effected by sitting vs standing. Not sure if this is different for lumbar patients.

    I doubt you would need another trial to get a different unit for your permanent implant. You would definitely need insurance pre-authorization for another trial, and that might be a challenge. Personally, I would want the doctor who did my trial implant to do my permanent implant.

  • So I did have my Doctor's appointment yesterday, and I told him that the "Burst" mode on the St. Jude was useless and that the tonic mode helped as much as 40%. I also brought in literature on the Nevro Senza unit and the Medtronic unit. He is a great doctor, and listened to every one of my questions, answered them, then asked me, "Anything else?" He is great lol. Anyways, he told me that the decision is mine as to what device I get and that he's never used the Nevro but that he's heard good things from his friends in other Pain Management clinics. He told me he would talk to a rep and get back to me.

    Meanwhile, I contacted a Nevro rep and I've been texting him back and forth with questions. In my St. Jude trial, I had leads in my cervical (which gave me coverage in my neck, upper back, and arms) and thoracic (which gave me coverage to my lower back and legs) areas. I wanted to make sure I could get the same coverage with Nevro, which seems like a stupid question in hindsight since it's just a SCS unit after all. 

    In the meantime, I will do more research. Since Nevro's "HF10" tech sounds similar to St. Jude's "Burst" tech, I am a little skeptical it will work for me, although the Nevro rep assures me that the tech is much different. I know that tonic worked best for me, so maybe I should just get the metronic unit afterall. I'm still not sure.

    But.... @Vince in Philly the AdaptiveStim is the only thing attracting me to the Medtronic device, so if you're telling me you don't even use it, then maybe I should go for the Nevro. The Nevro DOES have a tonic setting, so if the HF10 ends up not working at least I'll have that...

  • jbowerjbower wisconsin Posts: 120

    Well that's great news.  He is willing to help you out.  About the adaptiveStim I use mine all the time.  The reason being is when I'm standing I have it cranked up.  Now if I went from that setting to laying down it would get the shock of a lifetime.  So for me I set the laying down, sitting and standing settings.

    One thing I think may be a drawback is I don't think the Medtronic device can cover so much of an area that you say you are needing.  You would have to ask.  The Nevro for sure will cover all of that.  Like I mentioned though I didn't like the Nevro because I couldn't feel the stimulation.  Plus the thought of having to charge every day.  Granted the charging is shorter but still I couldn't handle every day charging.

    But at least you have options now which is what you were looking for.

  • I work from home. I'm basically bed-ridden. I am in my bed almost 24/7, when I'm not watching TV on the couch, so charging is not a problem. I'm pretty sure that any SCS will give me the coverage I need. @jbower  Why do you think the Medtronic won't give me that coverage while the Nevro will?

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