Help! Tingling very inconsistent on SCS Trial



  • jbowerjbower wisconsin Posts: 149

    Because the Nevro hits at a much higher frequency then the Medtronic device.  Because of that it can target a larger area then the Medtronic device.

    My Medtronic stimulator is for my sciatic nerve running down my right leg.  So I am only getting coverage on the lower half of my body.  If I crank it up I can get the stimulator to hit my left leg as well but it still remains in the lower half of my body.

    From what you mentioned earlier you need this to pretty much hit you entire body which then the Medtronic on wouldn't be the best option for you.  I would stick with the Nevro.

    This past year trying to treat my thoracic spine we tried a lot of things.  One of them was a second stimulator in my back.  Since the Medtronic device couldn't touch my thoracic we tried the Nervo.  Which didn't work for me but that told the doctor my pain is more from arthritis than nerve pain.

    But during the trial of the Nervo he said if I wanted to they could program it to hit both my thoracic and my sciatic nerve.  That way I'd this works then they can take out the Medtronic device and just use the Nevro.

    Now since you can't feel the Nevro unit that rules out the need for the adaptiveStim for different positions because you can't feel it anyway.  It really just comes down to preference.  I like having the adaptiveStim and having the option to feel the electric pulses along with charging once a week with Medtronic.

    If you would rather not feel the pulses, not having to worry about setting the adaptiveStim, just more of turn it in and don't have to mess with it besides charging more then you may want the Nevro.

  • I am making this comment for a friend!  He had is stimulator out in Jan. 2016 and it was working great he loved it! BUT in Feb. only 2 weeks after it was put in, he was standing up waving his arm directing his wife backwards when the stimulator electrocuted him and made him fall to the ground breaking his hip. Thank goodness his wife was there to turn the thing off! His doctor was shocked that happened!  Well because it reduced his pain so much his doctor put another one in now again this thing is not even working! Now he is back to square one in pain and in a wheel chair! Anyone have any in out about this! 

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  • BDUBSBBDUBS New YorkPosts: 36

    I️ have researched all the brands  and chose the Algovita for my aunt whose very  happy with it.. My understanding is it’s the easiest to program and can deliver signals to 24 different 

  • Had anyone heard of this before? Electrocuted?

  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 688

    If turned up high enough, the hf setting can make my legs not hold me up. Since it is hf, it can feel like electrocution. 

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  • @jbower When I used the St. Jude on Tonic (tingle) mode, it hit my entire body. It ALL has to do with the doctor and where he places the leads, not what kind of device it is (to my understanding). With your thinking, the St. Jude should not have hit my entire body on tonic mode (since it is not high frequency, but is tingle - just like the Medtronic). 

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