Vegan Diet for November- Any thoughts?

Hi, I am new to this forum . I am a long term lower back sufferer with Failed Back Surgery, following two operations, countless injections, epidurals, facet blocks etc. All of which over the years have left me with scar tissue and peripheral neuropathy. I also have a fractured coccyx (because obviously having all the above was not enough!), due to a fall I had when my left leg went numb and I could not support myself. Over the years, probably like most people on this forum, I have run the gauntlet of pain killers for my back, anti-convulsants and anti-depressants for leg pain and anti inflammatories. I have recently taken up pilates and training to increase my core and to lose some weight, as the anti convulsants made me put on 3 stone in 6 months - I was not exactly skinny to begin with. Anyway, I have turned my attention to my diet, looking to eat and drink in a more clean, unprocessed manner. I worked out that my body is extremely toxic - I take about 27 tablets per day. I don't drink or smoke, but my body is inflammed and I feel unhealthy - pasty, overweight, bags around my eyes etc. I have done some research into a vegan lifestyle, looking to decrease the level of saturated fats and acidity in my body. In the UK we have "Go Vegan in November" so we thought we would give it a try. It has not been that difficult so far - we are taking a multi-vitamin supplement and my husband came home with two huge sticks from an Aloe Vera plant - god knows what we are meant to do with that!  so far, I have noticed that I am sleeping a bit better and my bowels are working better - I was quite constipated before (sorry if tmi). I have not noticed any lightening change in my overall condition - it probably is too soon, but I do feel less bloated. If any of you guys out there have tried this, it would be nice to have input from  people who have spine issues etc. I was talking to a young lady a while ago on another site, who had rheumatoid arthritis and she said it worked really well for her, so I thought it would be worth a try - any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



  • Last summer I went suger free gluten free vegan as a hardcore diet experiment. It was very tough. The hardest part of the diet was the zero sugar. I'm not taking about being sad about not being able to munch on chocolate bars and doughnuts, it's the hidden sugars! They slip sugar into damn near everything packaged. So I mostly lived off whole foods. If you can look at the food on your plate and tell where it came from in nature then it was a good thing. Example:  there are no doughnut trees or granola bar bushes or sliced bread vines in nature. I would say to eat minimally processed foods. So how did I feel?  It took awhile to get use to no sugar but eventually Mt palate adapted and things that use to seem slightly sweet like an apple for example became almost ridiculously sweet! I felt incredibly great and my poops were almost as quick as a pee with perfect form (tmi?). My pain was at its lowest level as well as my weight. (see my notes for medical history) but as the summer ended I started a new semester at school and all went to waste. I am now getting back into that same diet, but making adjustments so it will become permanent. I am eating mostly vegan with a cheat day every so often.  9 out of 10 meals are super healthy,  but every once in awhile I'll have a steak and potatoe with all the fixins! Or a sweet drink or dessert on special occasions. Gotta live too!  Stay healthy, yet don't deprive yourself. I feel that's the key to success. Good luck in you adventures and hope you feel better sooner than later. 

  • I do eat more veggies as a rule...and your right about hidden carbs..but sadly..i am a diehard carnavore..but more a piscatarian for protein than red meats.

    There are days where a big plate of steamed vegs is the cats meow..

    Rice..ricericerice...with greenbeans and carrots

    Steamed rice with hot and sour soup

    Rice cakes...

    Mmm broccolli

    Better stop..getting hungries!

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