Back pain from pancreatitis or spine

I seen there was another post along these lines, but was first posted in 2012. 

My Mom has been suffering since the end of August with what she thought was mainly back pain. She went to ER twice since then. The first time they found a compression fracture at T-12. After waiting weeks to get into her pain clinic (she’s been having injections in her lower lumbar for a few years), then waiting another couple weeks to have appointment to have that bone cement surgery (outpatient). And after all that she continued to get worse.

She kept telling her Dr’s the pain at times radiates to the front, maybe there is an underlying problem going on, but was told it’s her back.

The first week of November I took her to ER, she had more pain in front than in her back, and started vomiting. She was afraid maybe she was having a heart attack, but she actually had/has acute pancreatitis. Her liver count was up too, but she wasn’t jaundiced. And her blood pressure was real high. 

They treated her with IV fluids and antibiotics; hospitalized for three nights. 

They will remove her gall bladder (has gall stones) after her pancreas cools down a bit. Modifying her diet will be a challenge as she starts to feeling better.

I hope once the gall bladder is removed she won’t have to deal with such back pain. And I’m hoping since she has felt some relief from being treated, that eliminates pancreatic cancer. She goes back to get results from Friday’s blood work on Tuesday. 



  • Dang Sherri..wishing a speedy recovery!

  • Get Well Wishes to your Mum Sherri and hope both conditions improve as quickly as possible, to remove her pain.

    Take care


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  • nicky74nicky74 New York,NY Posts: 36


    I had the same problem two years ago,July 2015  acute pancreatitis,with pancreatic calcifications. They removed my gallbladder(didn't have stones) and solved the problem with the pancreas BUT, since then I'm still on the strict diet like before the surgery. I'm one of the lucky ones 1/1000 who never went back to normal and I will be like that for the rest or my life. I can't eat almost anything,if you know how is strict is the diet for persons with gallbladder problems.they prescribing me something called Cholestyramine it's R/x,it's powder to mix in water or any soft drink and take it twice a day and supposedly not to have problem and eat anything I want but it is not true.I'm taking it,but if I make a mistake and eat something forbidden....?. ha-ha! I will move in  the toilet for a couple of days. Solved one problem and got another one. I had to adjust my diet,yes the doctor is joking with me and tells me I'm lucky because I have to eat healthier now and I will live longer,but reality is it's a pain..... you know where..... if not allowed to eat not even fresh fruit ( they saying cooked or canned.... yes the fruits) besides everything else.meats,any kind of dairy,fatty,oily,red foods,even some vegetables and not even olive oil. I wish your mom well and that yes it's going to correct that problem with the pancreas. Good Luck.


  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 266

    I’m so sorry I missed your responses!! Thanks for your info and well wishes for my Mom. She is doing better, and has had an endoscopic ultrasound, which went very well. No biopsies were needed, so seems cancer can be ruled out. 

    She will be having her gall bladder removed in the near future, since she has gall stones, and Dr thinks she passed one, causing all the trouble with her pancreas. She still has back pain, usually more-so in the evening. 

    Hopefully, she will feel much better after surgery. So hard to watch my parents aging so. They have really slowed down in the past couple too!

  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 266

    I’m so sorry I’ve been so bad at responding on here, and I don’t think I posted my Mom’s update elsewhere, at least I can’t find it, so I will now.

    She had her gall bladder out in March. Had adenocarcinoma in it, which was going through the wall about a centimeter. They took biopsies of nearby lymph nodes and liver, and came back negative. She may go back before her first six month checkup, not feeling so well; been four months.

    Hoping there is no sign of more cancer. Could just be from eating, since a lot of people are still symptomatic after having their gall bladder removed.

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