Pool therapy is awesome!

I posted a while back with frustrations with walking post Lumbar fusion.

I am 4 weeks into two times weekly in Aqua Therapy and I'm happy to report I'm gaining strength.

At first all exercises which normally would be simple were very difficult. Now I'm done with pool therapy and have final PT evaluation tomorrow. I did go to the pool 5 days a week so 3 days on my own working on my PT exercises.

Although out of the pool I still struggle I can say the pool therapy has been great.

I wanted to share my conversation with one of my physical therapist to hopefully help others as they start their post lumbar rehab. I asked my PT why I walk like a toddler or drunken man lol without my cane. She explained that post Lumbar fusion that hips are very weak similar to a toddlers not being developed. She said it's worse when the doctor takes part of the hip or hip bone marrow as my surgeon did.

I still have difficulties when walking as my left leg will still give out so I'm cautious and still using a cane. I'm hoping in time and exercise that I get my left leg back. My dead left calf is firing as my nerves are coming back and I'm gaining muscle tone back at 11 weeks post surgery. Praying for more positive results. I'm not blessed with patience as an ex athlete and businessman.

I  hope this helps others as they feel down as I did starting rehab.



  • I LOVED aqua therapy after my fusion!  That's where I felt I made my best progress.  Not going to lie, it still feels good to get in a warm therapy pool and just hang from swim noodles to get pressure off my lower back.  I'm glad you are feeling better!

  • Thanks. I'm making good progress in just one month. 

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