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Suggestions, please!!!!!!

i have had mid back pain for several years, like there is a fist pushing my mid back outward on the right side. Had an MRI earlier this year which showed good disc height  except at T8-9. No disc visualized.  Had some useless facet injections with no sedative from T8 to L1.  I only bring up the lack of sedation for two reasons: I left 5 minutes after the procedure and didn’t scream like half the people there; and the ortho didn’t give a(edit for language) just wanted me out and told the nurse to stop trying to find a vein  

Last week, I was coughing my lungs out from a URI that I’ve had for months. I thought I broke a rib on the left because my posterior ribs at the same level were killing me. The first doc sent me home and told me to take Advil without even doing an X-ray. I went to UC and no fracture found on X-ray but I got a few days worth of actual pain relief  problem is, the pain is still there, worse than the chronic pain on my right side. 

Has anyone had bilateral thoracic pain? I’ve already been told that nothing can be done so what are some exercises, medication, anything that alleviates the pain? Narcs work great but it’s nearly impossible to get them, and aside from the pain relief, I feel a little skeeved because I get that peaceful feeling for about an hour, then start feeling too weird and can’t sleep  



  • It sounds like you need to see a Board Certified Pain Management Physician.  Most PM's will go out of their way to find what's causing your pain and treat it.  Plus, they can prescribe medications that primary care docs and other specialists are discouraged from prescribing.

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