huge low back pain.. nobody can help me - please read!

hi guys,

first, i want to sry for my bad english - but ill try to explain at my best.

im 20 y/o, and im suffering from khyposiz and scoliosis, like a year ago i started to feel pain at my back in my first job (it wasn't any lifting or hard work, just standing and serving food)

slowly the pain become stronger and stronger.

today my pain prevents me doing alot of stuff, i can't work or study - most of the time i need to lay on the bad just to realise half of the pain, it's making me feel in deep dipression and just ruining my life..

i've tried almost everything, i had been seeing different orthopedists, did shiatsu, i went many times to see chiropractic, acupuncture stretches and etc..

by my orthopedist recommendation - i've begun to swim (now it's been like month and half of twice per week), again i did roentgen X-ray (CT) and Bone scintigraphy

- the sad part is that in those photographs the results shows like everything is okay and proper but the pain dont let me away.
please help me, any tip would be appreciated ! thx you for your time!




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    hello lonis6 

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  • ThoracicfireThoracicfire Posts: 82
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    Hello lonis6, I know how you feel about depression and not being able to live normally. I'm almost 25, so I'm young like you. Ask to see if you can get an MRI scheduled so you can understand where the pain can be coming from. Do not leave it untreated as it can get worse and can become chronic. 


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  • i already did something like MRI - called CT  - (Computed Tomography - CT or Computed Axial Tomography - CAT),

    and the result says everything is okay .. but its not!

  • Lonis6, can you describe exactly where you pain is?  You just said Back Pain, how bad is the pain, can you sleep, walk, what positions make it worse or better?  

  • Oh sorry,

    The pain is in my low back in the middle

    How bad is the pain? Very very bad, its hurts so much, the whole day is following by this pain, i can sleep but when i wake up it's hurt again.

    Position make it worse is when i am standing up or walking more than 10 minutes or even carrying this from shop for example.

    What make it better is when im laying on my bad and stretching or putting heating pad (like a small hot pillow in my back) and sometimes when i walking

    I cant suffer it anymore and idk with who to talk with

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  • It's okay, you can talk to us! (We are not medical professionals, only expressing our personal experiences and or opinions.)

    You mentioned you have kyphosis and scoliosis. Have you gotten examined by a spine specialist? I have kyphosis and chronic pain so I know what you are going through. You are definitely not alone. You can send me a message anytime!


  • peanut006peanut006 MichiganPosts: 80

    @Lonis6... so sorry you're gong thru this. I myself was injured in a bad car accident at 15 so I definitely understand being young and in pain. Even though I've gone thru many many procedures and surgeries to try and help, I unfortunately still live with daily pain. But my coping skills and ability to live with the pain has improved tremendously over the years and definitely has made all the difference for me. So whether you get "fixed" or not, I promise you it will get easier as time goes on. 

    @Thoracicfire said, I agree that you should push for any MRI. Even though you've had a cat scan, an MRI is a different kind of imagining and can show different issues than a cat scan can. Just as ex l xrays show different issues as well. 

    Try not to get discouraged. Find another doctor and get a second or even third opinion if you can. Seeing a spinal specialist as a great suggestion as well. They have more education and expertise and may recognize symptoms and/or things seen on your scans that a regular PCP may not. 

    Most importantly know that you're not alone and we'r always here for help and support the best we can!!

  • @peanut006


    thank you guys! it's such a relief to read your messages and at the same time im sry that you're going thru this things :(

    its not just a pain, i wish it was but it's more than that - im 21 with Financial problems and i cant even work just lay on bad in most of the day :( but ill just give it a time and keep streching and as you suggested ill ask my doctor for mri check and i hope for good.

    again, thanks you, have a good week!

  • I understand friend, always remember money comes and goes but at the end of the day you will always have yourself. Your body is the only thing you have, take care of yourself and keep your head up high. Things will get better I promise. 


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