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spine doc wont give surgery?

DefinitelyCursedDefinitelyCursed Posts: 3
edited 12/08/2017 - 2:04 PM in Lower Back Pain

i went today to a spine specialist today for my bulging disc and he just said that i shouldnt get surgery because ive already had it and im to young so i just need to lose weight and take a year to recover - im a weightlifter and DO NOT want to take a year off - i can just demand surgery correct?



  • L4_L5LL4_L5 Posts: 1,441
    edited 12/08/2017 - 2:41 PM

    Have you exhausted all conservative treatments? If a disc is generating your pain than lifting heavy weights is probably not a good idea. 

    Maybe you saw a surgeon who only does major back surgery and not minimally invasive procedures and that’s why he told you surgery is not recommended.

    You said you had an MRI. What disc is suspected to be an issue?

  • Definitely cursed, you,ve been blessed whether you realize it or not. A surgeon that gives you advice NOT to have surgery is a blessing! You say your young and a weightlifter? Then take this MDs advice and follow his instructions! If not weight lifting might become a thing of the past! Hes looking at your future, where your not! In the past year, Ive seen to many "dead lifters" ending up having a surgery. It ruined their careers, ambitions and mental health! trust me, as a past Lt with a Fire Department who lost my career due to surgery, theres more important things in life then looking "buff". Good luck my friend!


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

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  • DefinitelyCursedDefinitelyCursed Posts: 3
    edited 12/08/2017 - 2:49 PM

    i think it was L5-S1 but im not positive - my physical therapist i think said the very last discs on the bottom of my back is where it is and ive been going to physical therapy for 6 weeks but its not better - what other methods? i heard those shots are bad and im not even sure if they fix the problem or just take away pain - have those stupid exercises for discs EVER solved someones disc issue??

  • DefinitelyCursedDefinitelyCursed Posts: 3
    edited 12/08/2017 - 3:03 PM

    +DavidG - what an ignorant comment to post - first of all im not a weightlifter to be buff im a weightlifter because im nearly insane and my life is 100 times worse than yours and its all i have to live for - second of all deadlifting wont give you a herniated disc, bad form tight muscles and muscle imbalances/weaknesses will - and i never said he was a surgeon because he isnt one

  • Definitely cursed, I apologize if you took it wrong! It was NOT meant to sound ignorant or even a put down. You said you met with a spine specialist so I assumed you meant surgeon. Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with lifting weights! Unfortunately in the past year, we’ve seen multiple new members here after feeling a “ pop” after dead lifting. Most ended up having surgery. So just guessing, you think surgery will be a quick fix? Your misinformed on that my friend! Do yourself a favor and follow up with a ortho MD and find the root of the problem and see if it can be conservatively corrected. Surgery is ALWAYS the last option! Your young and hopefully have a long pain free life! .


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

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  • +DavidG - i already had surgery for my other disc, the one i got at 15 years old was operated on 5 years later and the lower back pain did go away so id say it did fix my problem and yeah the same disc herniated again but that was my own fault... i just didnt realize it could happen again. I thought it was just some freak accident rare thing and i didnt have to worry about it ever happening again but i was wrong, ive been out of the gym for 5 months because of some weird problem where i couldnt grip anything at all for months and my forearms were dead.. i couldnt type and i couldnt grip even bottles of soda without dropping them and i still drop things now.. and immediately when that healed enough (still cant grip hard) i noticed pain in my back and found out i had a bulging disc

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,813

    Weightlifters and such.  As DavidG commented, over the years we have had so many deadlifting  r report here about herniated discs and surgery.  But after reading some of your comments, are you a weight lifter deadlifting er:?

    So we already know that deadlifting can cause hernited discs.

    What I am more concerned about is that your Spinal Specialist (which 99%  of them are surgeons) said no to doing any surgery for you..

    You can not demand surgery.  If surgery is not warranted in your situation then the surgeon does not have to do any surgery.   If you are still dissatisfied with that answer and really want surgery, you can go looking for surgeon after surgeon.  Somewhere along the line, there would be one that would perform surgery

    DavidG's comment were far from ignorant.  He was offering suggestions.   Plus I doubt if you would see anyone on these forums that was disappointed about not having surgery.  Most  people get excited that they dont have to go through that.

    Not sure why you feel so different

  • peanut006peanut006 MichiganPosts: 144

    @DefinitelyCursed, may I politely suggest taking a deep breath? Everyone on this site has serious back issues and I'd say most have had surgery. Anyone, including the doctors will tell you that back surgery is Pandora's box. Your back is never the same and usually one surgery results in another results in another and so on. I agree with @dilauro... being told you don't need surgery is a great thing, but if you've not yet seen a surgeon you can always take your films and get a second opinion. I personally have had pretty good experience with epidural steroid injections, but not everyone does. But I would try every conservative option on earth before I'd do another surgery. But that's simply my opinion. You also said you don't want to take time off lifting, but if you had surgery that's exactly what you'd have to do anyway... so why not take that time to heal without adding a potentially life altering surgery?? Giving yourself time to heal naturally sounds like a far better option to me than having a surgery that could potentially end that lifestyle for good. 

    I will say that this site is full of wonderful peope who want to help and support one another. Attacking a member who was just trying to speak to you about what he's seen and heard from years on this site isn't going to help you... all we're doing is taking our knowledge and experience and doing our best to apply it in ways that help other and that's all @DavidG was trying to do. 

  • ThoracicfireThoracicfire Posts: 83
    edited 12/09/2017 - 5:47 PM

    Everyone take a deep breath, the man is in pain and needs help. You have been through the ringer, already had a spinal procedure at 15, you are a very strong individual. 

    We are all here to help! Now surgery is something that won't cure the problem and can possibly make it things worse. As Mr.Dilauro mentioned you can't demand the operation. If you have life threatening injuries or paralysis yes it needs to be implemented.


  • my mom had like 10 surgeries in her life, abused pain meds and alcohol and abused and messed up my whole family, was really happy when i woke up to her dead on the living room floor when i was 12, no more being terrified to come home from school... sadly ptsd is life long

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