Weird stabbing pain after discsectomy

Hello everyone.  First of all, I keep reading this forum for a while now, and i learnt many things , thanks to some great contributors.

So my problem would start about a year ago, with oncoming pain , that was diagnosed as sciatica, but it healed back in couple of weeks, but than again it flared up , than healed back in 4-5 weeks again, than again (i had flareups every 2 -3 months). In september I felt something snap in my back from a bad bending , and than the 2nd day i had a flareup that was with some unimaginable pain for about a week in the leg but mostly in the back, than it started to heal back slowly with with alot of walking ( i've been doing around 10 miles daily, just for the simple reason that after about a mile or two the pain was dimineshed from a nr6-7 to 1-2). So i've built up alot of endurance and stamina. Oh yeah meanwhile the gp wrote me up on Pregabalin 75mg x2 , which i kept taking every day so my nerve got less iritated, and i felt less pain, while i was on the waiting list for a Discsectomy. The surgery was scheduled for the 29th of november, but by that day i was totally pain free (no back pain , no leg pain) but i had to keep taking for some weird reason the pregabalin , thats what my surgeon told me. So i had my surgery , everything went great after the operation team, i woke up in my ward, from where i was forbidden to move for the next 12h. My body got very stiff, but with a little movement with the PT i've got fine, and on my first day i was on my legs, pain free, waiting to be discharged ( was still taking my Pregabalin twice a day, with 3x 400mg Ibuprofen , and 8x 500mg paracetamol). 

This is where my  question comes for anyone who had similar to mine.

So they discharged me the 2nd day, everything was more than nornal, no pain for me, could walk and all. I was happy that finally i'm over this , and the surgery went without pains for me. So after 4days post op, i was driving to Tesco (30min driving) and ive been walking around the shop for another half hour. Come back home, i felt a little bit of pain in my back the night, but i would clasify maybe a nr1 pain, so i didnt bother myself about it. The day after i had to attend to a birthday, where i was driving like 4x arround 10min (automatic car) , than sitting for about 3hours on a chair in a restaurant. The day after pain started to come on surface. MORE AND MORE PAIN. Today is the 3rd day of the pain, but it is totally different type of pain from what i was experiencing ever in my life. First it felt a little stiffness ( just like a muscle fatigue after a workout day) so i thought it will fade away very fast. I felt it all around my core muscles. Yesterday it got much worse, in the morning i started having strong stabbing pain, when getting out of bed, all arround my core muscles ( would clasify atleast level 6), but with about half hour of walking arround and standing on feet , the pain slowly fades down to arround lvl2 dull pain. Today was similar, even if i poped in a CoCodamol 30/500mg. So if i stand on feet for long times the pain leaves me alone , but i know im not supposed to stay in feet for to long, so i have to rest my back from the surgery. But if i stay in bed just for 5 min , when i get out i'm having already stabbing pain on my left side of lower back and abdomens, but for longer i lay in bedwithout moving , the worse it gets when i attempt to get out. The GP is telling me that this pain that i have is normal as post-op, but than i'm wondering why didn't i got any pain before , right after the surgery, why did i flare up from a little sitting? And did anyone else go throigh this hell that im going through this days, and for how long will it be there, and most importantly what can it be? 



  • Dear Irocku90, 

    Would you be able to tell us the level you had the microdisectomy? Was it 1 level or 2 levels where the laminectomy was preformed. 

    Pleasese understand that this surgery will not get you too 100% normal and putting yourself through long hours of sitting and driving can be problematic for the intervertebral discs. 

    [Note]: Listen to your body because igoring the pain can make it things much worse and can create bigger issues later on. Talk to your doctor and tell them the exact pain you are feeling. If they don't care to help, find someone who's more concerned about your quality of life. I've been there ... trust me! 3rd doctor was the charm for me, 1 &2 didn't seem to care about my chronic pain so I stopped going to them. I hope this helps!


  • The discsectomy was on l4/l5. All they told me at the hospital when they discharged me, to listen to my body, but did not warm me about having steroids or anything inside my body. So i felt very well, i thought that driving for a short distance will be fine. I was very carefull siting in and getting out of car, provably didnt twist my spine, and i didnt feel anything weird right there. But today is my 9th post op day (4th day of pain) , which one morphed from mainly from the stabbing pain to a strong spinal pain (like im laying on the floor and a car is parked on my lower back spine) 

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  • Irocku90

    Have you been able to get a new MRI? You will need to request one to see if things have changed from the first MRI. Please get this checked A.S.A.P!

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