Do calcium supplements help with futon?

Just wondering if calcium, vitamin d , and magnesium help with fusion. 



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    My surgeon told me that it wouldnt hurt to take a calcium and vit d supplement for the first year, but also to eat a balanced diet, and that protein is also important (meat or more nuts if i didnt eat meat-i do eat meat and for 3 weeks after surgery meat was very well received by my stomach lol) - because the muscles are damaged and listen to my body.....

    For the first 12 weeks i craved milk, yogurt, cheese, anything and everything dairy lol. Was it my body saying i needed calcium? Not sure, could have been my head knowing i needed to grow bone....but the cravings quit when i started taking calcium and vit d....300mg/day, just once a day.  Did it help me grow bone? Well, at 6 months my surgeon said "great bone growth, you are fused".  At 3 months he said that  he said the fusion was growing nicely-would i like to start back at work part time?  So....not sure if it helped.  But it knocked down my dairy cravings (and help my grocery budget). Lol

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