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Hanging on a Bar and "Crack" lower back pain


I am new to this site, but from searching the internet I cannot seem to find anything that relates to my issue and I wondered if anyone here can advise or at least has similar!

I am a 40 year old fit male. I am not overweight and play a fair bit of sport.

2 years ago I started to get a pain in the lower part of my back, bordering on my buttocks and it just wont shift. It mostly just a dull ache

It doesnt stop me doing anything but feels like it needs cracking or I need someone to stand on my lower back all the time.

I have seen a physio and they do the usual by massaging the muscles around it. that is all fine and seems to help a bit, but there is one item that no one can answer.

If I hang on a chin ups bar it feels like a nice stretch, but as soon as I put my feet back on the ground I get an unbelievable pain right through my lower back, buttocks and legs. To the point where I can hardly walk for about 1-2 hours. The longer I hang the worse this pain is, but I only get the pain when I put my feet down, usually after a cracking feeling.

Luckily (or unluckily ) for me I am strong enough to be able to hang for a couple of minutes, but if I do this its a total disaster for my back and effectively ends my gym session there and then.

I do sit a lot for my work, but honestly I dont have an issue with sitting, neither do I have an issue with movement and running, but hanging! OMG.

Everything I have read seems to suggest that hanging and decompression should be good for your back and part of me feels that whilst hanging  is, but the dismount (even if gently done) surely cant be right! Does anyone have a clue what this or know my best course of action.

I am pretty sure it is hitting a nerve when my spine re-compresses but how do I fix this?



  • I have the same issue from time to time. I read that it happens if the lumbar is stretched too much.

  • I hope that helps.

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