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Hi  I've had chronic pain since Oct of 2015 and been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. No treatments from the pain management center have helped. They are out of ideas so today I went to one of the top arthritis hospitals in Boston. The rheumatologist I saw said there wasn't anything she could do. I asked her if it will only get worse and she said sometimes it stays the same or could even get a little better. I asked how that's possible for a "wear and tear" disease and she said they really don't know yet. This kind of explains why surgery is the very last option. I am blessed that my faith in God will get me through.



  • The doctor also told me that there starting to look at chronic inflammations role in osteoarthritis. I also have Raynaud's, depression, chronic cough, ED, and cognitive decline. Now I think it could all be related. I'm not overweight and I eat right but now I think I need to eat even better and exercise more. It seems like that's all I can do. I've been treated for the depression and the ED but they don't know what's causing the cough.

  • Turmeric supplements have helped my OA exercise and eating right I bought a nutra ninji 2 years ago and smoothies have helped me immensely. Strength training may also help keep fighting the good fight you can get through this!

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  • Thanks Melissa. I'm also taking turmeric and fish oil. Your right, all we can do is keep fighting!

  • scottgoodwin, i have just been diagnosed with oa, in my shoulders, i found that Diclofenance gel works good on the pain, i use to take the tablets twice a day but it irratitates my kidneys. The gel is real effective on the pain.

  • Thanks Railroadman, Something new to try. Have you had any steroid shots? I'm getting an epidural Tuesday. The last one I had didn't work, but they're going to try a different spot.

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  • The advice about the gel is a good one. It does help. It can be over used though and caution is advised with that. When I have to limit my use of the gel, I'll use a lidocaine crème to help numb some of the painful sites. 

  • hi sunflower gurl, Ive tried cbd cream and capsaicin. If theres any effect at all its probably just in my head. I'm going to ask my doctor about diclofenance. I don't think I can take that and celecoxib at the same time but I'd give up the celecoxib because I don't think it helps much anyway.

  • Scottgoodwin, the Diclofecinate gel works good and fast for arthritis pain. I'v  tried all of the otc creams and sprays.

    I've also found that  the Flexall maximm strength cream works good, and have also been using peppermint essintial oil diluted with fractionation coconut oil.  I was taking the Diclofecinate tablets ( 75 mg ) daily twice a day, but had to quit cause of irregular kidney functions, but the liquid gel works great.

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