19 years old, 4 months severe left lower back pain


I am a 19 year old. In August my lower back began to hurt bad. I iced , heated, anti inflammatorys and pain killers but the pain didnt go. I had a clear mri and was reffered to physio therapy, didnt work. Have now tried osteopaths where ive been diagnosed with s.j joint dysfunction and another with piriformis syndrome. still no results. The pain is generally an ache in the buttock with waves of severe low stabbing back pain. I feel like i have tried everything and dont know what to do. My body is not compensating i feel with left shoulder pain and right achillees pain. All my friends have jist started uni or are away.

Any help would be greatly apprecieated.




  • In my experience with SI joint injury, avoid at all costs any orthopedic surgeon telling you that you should fixate or fuse your si joints. When I was 21 I tore mine moving furniture. A orthopedic surgeon convinced me I needed the fixation surgery to recover from the injury. After over a year of physical therapy and steroid injections, I was ready to give in. Now mind you I had gone through all diagnostic tests and was confirmed to have an si joint injury, the tear was visible on the MRI and a steroid injection via fluroscopic guidance yielded 100 percent pain relief for about 3 weeks and then came back full force. The fixation surgery made things drastically worse. After two years of intensifying pain I had the surgery revised, screws removed that were used for fixation and am so glad I did. I have done extensive physical therapy since in clinic and at home, still do everyday, and had PRP injections into the joint. I do not experience anything like the pain I experienced after si joint surgery. If I had known then what I know now, I would have run from that doctor who promised me in 3 months I'd be back doing all the physical activity I loved and so desperately wanted to return to. See a physical therapist that specializes in si joint injury. See non surgical orthopedic doctors Wear a si lock belt to help stabilize during activity and to sleep. Look into PRP and stem cell injections. Years of non surgical treatment is worth not having the surgery. Not the quick fix people are looking for but living with some discomfort will be better then altering your whole body's physiology with this surgery and ending up with a ton of new problems and injuries as a result. 

  • Hello, I am currently till seeking a formal diagnosis from doctors but my mentor at work whilst on a muscle skeletal placement said she thought I had SI joint problems but as I wasn't her actual patient I had to go through my GP and what not. I have suffered the same pain in my left hand side since I was 18 and I am now 31. To nut shell it, I find getting from a seating to a standing position almost impossible, I have to stop myself half way wait till the stabbing pain stops then I can straighten up and can then walk normally. Driving is impossible and now sleeping is becoming that way.This will continue for 4-5 weeks and then it will seem to rectify itself? Happens 2/3 times each year. Does this sound anything like what your experiencing? GP's have tried many different pain meds but none have worked up to now, however I appreciate everyone is different so this may not be the case for you. Gabapentin along side meptazimol whilst still taking paracetamol and NSAID's is the only concoction up to know that has given me any sort of relief but I am limited to taking these at night purely because they literally knock you off your feet. So I'm not sure if its because I'm truly pain free that I am able to sleep or that I'm off my face?! 

    MY GP will not provide a MRI and I have been to physio multiple times but I understand without a definitive diagnosis its hard to work with and its not helped me as yet. A sports injury therapist may be a good idea but they are very expensive. I am mum of 4 and even though my husband works away with a healthy salary I'm not able to spend that sort of money. When I have managed to get an appointment with the muscle skeletal she said I just had muscle weakness and do not yet need a MRI even though she did say that wouldn't have explained all of my symptoms?? I have seen people have the injections in the joints who have sworn by them so maybe you should enquire with your care provider about those before considering surgery. Take care

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    I agree about the surgery! It's been 10 months since my iFuse surgery to fuse my left SI/sacrum. I've never been in so much pain in my life and I've been dealing with really bad SI pain for 23 years (Ankylosing Spondylitis). Mitch - did you have an iFuse? My hardware was hammered through my SI into my sacrum. I'm in hell and just praying I'm not done healing (was supposed to take 12 weeks - that is NOT TRUE whichever doctor tries to sell you on this - your nerves, bones, tissues and muscles are affected and the pain is unreal when sitting, standing, laying down, walking - no relief ever. Please let me know, Mitch, to see if a reversal is possible for me because I can't take this bone-crunching feeling anymore (haven't been able to return to work after this "non-invasive" surgery that requires titanium spikes as big as your pinkie (or larger) being hammered into your bones after the muscle (piriformis) is moved and damaged. Let's not forget the new nerve pain, too. I wish I could go back in time. Any info would be appreciated, Mitch. 

    Stacie - SI joint dysfunction often doesn't turn up in MRIs, CT scans or X-rays - best way to get a specific diagnosis is through a pain doc who can run some diagnostics and also an injection to check for pain relieve. Also, after 17 years, I was finally diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis from a simple blood test that said I am HLA-B7 positive, my ANA is positive, CRP is above normal and my Sed Rate was ridiculously high. Good luck to you!


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