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Bladder Pains

hello, I am new to this forum. I read bit have never posted. I am 47 and have had spine issues come forward in the last 7 years from the top of my neck to my tailbone. I have had a huge success recently with NUCCA on my upper cervical but my lower spine or hips is causing some excrutiating bladder pain that masks a bladder infection. I believe it is my psoas...

It hurts a lot to lay in bed straight legged to sleep. Pilates makes my body freak out if I do too much and the pain comes back. Any clues? 



  • I the same bladder issues and find them really painful and annoying.  I have spent a lot of time researching the issues, and I've learned that bladder nerves are located in the sacral area and near the hips.  My issues are sij, a labral tear, chronic tendonitis, and some sacral cysts: any or all could be causing the bladder pain.

    Have you had an mri of that region?  I can not imagine doing pilates but my doc has me doing stretches for the sij, piriformis, and hip. Strengthening muscles in that region is supposed to be helpful but my bladder pain still flares.  I would suggest visiting a spine doctor to see if you have some mechanical problems.  It's a crazy pain and I've bought countless uti tests but the problem is elusive.  Hopefully a good doctor can help.

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