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Schuerman's Kyphosis pain. Not sure what to do

Hi, I'm 30 years old and I'm diagnosed with schuerman's kyphosis. I have been suffering from back pain since I was 15-16 years old, but it was always pretty controllable...back then, the pain would only get bad if I was exerting myself doing manual labor at work, or carrying something too heavy, etc. Over the past couple of months though the pain has started happening every day, seemingly without cause. It is very disturbing to my life and I am having a hard time working because my job involves being on the computer all day, and it seems that sitting is what sets off the pain and also what makes it a lot worse. Once my back starts hurting for the day, it will not stop unless I take some ibuprofen...but then it's back the next day, and I don't want to (and shouldn't) take ibuprofen every single day. 

I'm thinking asking for another x last x ray was when I was about 19, which diagnosed the problem. Back then I was told that the curve wasn't quite severe enough to warrant surgery, so they did nothing. Really hoping for help here.




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    hi holly

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    sorry you are suffering every day, it sounds as though it is time to get a new x ray or medical advice for a referral to a spine specialist.

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