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Persistent tingling sensation with occasional pain


I have been living with an odd tingling sensation that developed 2 years ago, shortly after my first chiropractic adjustment.  It is progressively becoming worse, especially when following the exercise regime of physiotherapists.  

The throbbing/tingle is coming from my mid back to the left of my spine.  I originally when to the chiropractor over two years ago because I was seeking answers why my back was always so weak and would at least once a month give out on me.  After my first round of sessions everything seemed to be a little better, mean while seeing the chiro gave me the ability to make my entire spine pop and click like it has never done before.  I did this often, because it felt good.  6 months later this horrible sensation starts and has never stopped till this day.

Certain exercises make it go away when I am exercising, but come back with a vengeance when I stop.  It is always the worst when I am working with my hands out in front of me.  No matter how bad it gets, simply lying down stops all pain.  Zero, I don't feel a thing.  After a nights sleep I wake up and everything is perfect until noon.  Literally as soon as noon hits, the sensation starts, and gets progressively worst until I go to bed.  I am at a loss...  Physio doesn't know whats going on with me, I have seen two.  Im in the process of going back to the general practitioner and getting a referral somewhere.  I don't know where just somewhere.

It kills me.  I have just purchased a new home and I cant do anything.  I can't play with my kids.  If anyone knows anything that even sounds remotely familiar it would be a help.  



  • Hi there, I have been dealing with something very similar for about 8 months now. Persistent Tingling left side right on my bra line. Worse when I bend forward repeatedly (say to pick up toys off floor) or while I do dishes, and in general, when I’m doing stuff with arms out in front. I also have a very weak left scapula, it always feels “off”. I have two kids, so I’m constantly changing clothes, diapers, etc. which makes things much worse. It’s generally pretty good in the morning and as I do stuff, it gets worse. Sleep is totally fine with me as well.

     I’ve been to a couple PT’s, the most recent one I got some relief, but not completely. What exercises are they having you do? I have done the Houston Series which helped quite a bit, and have moved on to doing the “iron scap” workout. They also tried dry needling, cupping, and adjusting my ribs/spine. Curious to see if you’ve had any luck since posting this!! 

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