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Just want to say hello,  on my own I'm really really anxious at the moment as I've had a couple of good days can feel.I'm on the edge going into pain feel like crying. Its horrible on my own wish there was someone on the house with me. Im sure everybidy knows this feeling, hope I'm not upsetting anybody, on hoping everybody is well I've some.really kind people here thanks




  • it is important to find distractions and motivation----do something you like and enjoy. it is hard, but possible.

  • It may seem hard as of now but don't give up. It is good that you have found forums like these to share and vent because it helps. Staying by yourself with the pain is not good. Take some time and do something small you enjoy whether it is a cup of coffee or watch a comedy show. Something to take your mind of the negative. Keep sharing on platforms such as these that you can at least receive some encouragement and advice. There has been research that laughter can be like medicine. Be around things that make you laugh, it does wonders for the body. I hope I have been of encouragement to you and I am also just saying hi. It's good to meet you and people in this forum. Its god to be in forums where you can talk and share and receive advice on different things.

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