Suffering from herniated disc for more than 10 weeks


I was diagnosed with herniated disc at l3-l4 and bulged disc at l4-l5 on 16 Oct, after a workout in the first three weeks my pain subsided significantly, and by middle of November I was probably 80%ok.... I had severe back pain, but no radiating pain to my legs. .

But after the temperature started dipping in early December, I started having issues in my mid back, cervical area etc, with some pain in low back pain with pain score of 2-3...

I was concerned if it takes longer than 10 weeks to fully recover...also is my recovery curve something to worry about? Looking for how if any



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    hi mayurvora12

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    please contact your medical team that diagnosed your injury for advice or your physio if your treatment was transferred to this department,

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  • The answer my doctor gives to that is I don't know all the time... it's pretty frustrating but I just keep chugging along.... I suppose it' better than needing a surgery but still frustrating I'm on six months in pain and I just want to be able to hop into bed at night it's crazy what you miss when in pain. 

    You should talk to your doctor but mine said it can take up to 2 years but you need to monitor with your doctor to make sure that you are not affecting your nerves negatively.

    I hope you find lasting relief soon! 

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  • I have met my doctor yesterday and he indicated I continue with my PT, and I am supposed to be alright in 6 months....somewhere I feel they just push you so that u r in a positive frame of mind....

    BTW did anyone noticed a positive result with discetomy at l3-l4, I am unable to get a good view from net or my doctor.....

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    @crystalclarinet I totally hear you when you say "it's crazy when you miss when in pain". 

    @mayurvora12 Herniated or bulging discs are extremely common in today's society. That's not a discount to your statement and fears though. I had a very frustrating reaction when I was told that, so I feel for ya. I really didn't care about what everyone else had! But, in a way, it should give you some relief in knowing that since there are so many others dealing with it, that there is hope for you in finding a  cure. 10 weeks is not considered chronic pain but it is good you are taking action now. 

    I'd be willing to bet that the discs were already damaged prior to you working out. Whatever you did at the gym was simply the catalyst, not the cause, to start experiencing pain. The weather-thing is probably coincidental. When our load bearing joints (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles) go into misalignment we can experience pain. Since our bones are all connected it makes sense that if one load is misaligned the other can also become misaligned. Hence causing a chain reaction of pain. 

  • @MarWin thanks for your words I am bit new to pain, but learning few things on this journey.....

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  • @crystalclarinet thanks and hope you find your way to pain free life :)

  • Hope you're doing better.  I would suggest spending more time strengthening your core muscles, instead of lifting weights (not sure what your gym routine is).  Walking instead of running should help as well.  Ice the back after your gym sessions.  When in doubt, seek out a physical therapist to show you the correct way to strengthen the back muscles.

    Hope this helps.

  • I have a bulging disc l3l4 and i strained my hip during lifting weight above my head 5 months ago. I still have backpain but no sciatica .I had PT chiro but didnt help . Monday a topsurgeon will look at my condition. In other levels I have  minor discopathy that can attribute to the pain accirding to my MRI. Untill the lifting accident I didnt have any problems with my back. 6 months ago I cycled 195 km in 7 hours alone! I am 65 years of age.

    The pain iskeeping me awake. Any good advice is welcome!

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    If your pain doesn't radiate from spine to limbs then you should delay surgery. Results of surgeries only for back pain is varied, hence better to focus on exercises suggested by your PT. Also try alternate medicines from Ayurveda like OrthoHerb to avoid excess of allopathic meds.

    Mckenzie exercises have been useful to many. Search videos & articles on internet. Drink plenty of water. Avoid sitting on the floor, do a log roll when getting up. Avoid lifting & bending forward. Keep the pain localised within your back.

    After L4-5 herniation in mid Oct 2017, I finally had microdiscectomy in Bangalore in end of Mar 2018. For all 5 months my pain radiated in left leg. I tried chiropractic treatment (હાડવૈદ) for a month to no benefit. Though my left leg is pain free I still feel 30% in my right leg which existed before surgery. Waiting for 1 month to finish to see if left pain is also indeed gone.

    Besides, on a personal note I guess you might be of moon sign Leo ('M'ayur) & may originally from Gujarat (Vora - Patel) like myself. Those with moon sign of Leo are likely to be bad on health (& wealth) from Oct-2017 to Mar-2019 due to effect of Rahu. Be safe!

    I think you already visited my article:

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