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Lower back buttock pain mri normal



  • Maybe get a second opinion? And if everyone is unanimous that the disc is not causing your pain, have your PT do SI joint tests (pelvic distraction tests) to see if it could be the sacroiliac joint. As I recently learned, SI joint dysfunction can mimic disc issues almost to a tee. Good luck!!

  • Thanks for your response . I have been thinking that it could be a si joint problem however I don't have the typical symptoms. I will be definiely seeking a second opinion if I get no relief from physio. 

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  • Hi I am so sorry you are dealing with these problems and I agree please get a second opinion preferably with some one who is trained in the Si joint issues also. Your symptoms hit right on mine have been told the same thing you were about the MRI not showing anything I decided to do my own foot work. One excellent place I found info. was here on Spine Health just type Si joint in the upper right corner of this page/ space and read as much as you can you may be surprised. I think it is worth looking at and maybe you have already. After tons of injections and some painful therapy with no results I took the manual tests to my Orthopedic surgeon and then after doing those manual tests agreed with me we should go that route Si joint.
    I hope you get some solutions it can be a terrible thing to live with that is for sure.
    Take care Sherri

  • Thank you Sherri.. I'm continuing with physio at the minute but she has not mentioned si joint to me. She reckons it's something similar to scatica even tho the mri says different. There's weakness and pain that follows the route of that nerve. I'l see how things go with her for a while. If I don't get results I think I'll take your advice. Hope your pain has resolved and you're feeling better  

  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 699

    If you follow the trail of the sciatic nerve you will find that it runs from your low back into your buttocks and down your leg to your toes. I had bulging discs in my lumbar region leading to both low back pain AND sciatica. My symptoms started out as increased low back pain, gluteal tightness and pain. After a few weeks it turned into tingling, burning, pins and needles, electricity, numbing, hot and cold, and sensitivity to touch. 

    You should look at your pelvic tilt (anterior or posterior), high hip, rotated pelvis. All of which are alignment dysfunctions and can lead the lumbar vertebrae to compress the discs and impinging the sciatic nerve. I found out I had all three dysfunctions due to muscle imbalances causing the bones to go into misalignment. This misalignment caused my vertebrae to compress the disc, causing them to bulge. The bulges put pressure impingement on the nerve, and the rest is history. Fix the muscles,  fix the bones! 

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  • I understand what you are going through completely I have had moderate to severe hip and back pain since 2010 it is 2018 and only within the last year have I finally had some relief of my symptoms I have done physical therapy 3 times I'm currently taking 5 medications daily I get hip injections every 8 months and I have seen more doctors than I can count my suggestion is a back and spine doctor pain management and believe it or not exercise to build stomach muscles which has honestly been the most relief for me. Don't give up keep telling them you have pain and from what you said it isn't unwarranted pain keep pushing and look forward having pain is not normal some doctors don't understand that

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