Obliteration of nerve roots

My MRI showed virtual obliteration of the lateral recess on right with mass effect and possible nerve root compression on the right of traversing S1 nerve roots. Since I am new to these reports I would love to know if anyone else has this and what was done to receive the pain and was it successful. Thank you!



  • Hi, this is Cordy again.   Guess since this is my first discussion, I should have given a little background on myself. I am interested in hearing of everyone else’s experiences in “relieving” their pain and not in “receiving” their pain as per my wording goof in my previous comment.  

    I am a 72 year old female that has suffered with back pain for many years  I have had numerous mri’s, cat scans, X-rays, injections and therapy.  All reports have confirmed DDD at all lumbar levels along with foraminal stenosis.  I am going through a battery of tests again as my back seems to be worsening.  The onset of symptoms began after bi-lateral knee replacements in 2009.  Symptoms now include bi-lateral leg numbness, tingling, instability, and unceasing pain lumbar pain. Both feet show DDD also. It has become difficult to handle everyday activities. Tomorrow I go to a neurosurgeon to see what, if anything, can be done to improve my quality of life.  

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    I feel for you! No one knows what we’re all going through it like they say if you haven’t been there you couldn’t know how awful Chronic back pain is. I’ve had 360 S1-L4 (12/2014) have had 3 more surgeries since not counting pain stimulation implants in and removed.... it’s been a complete nightmare. Iys never been right now I’m having chronic pain in thoracic area. I’ve had injections scheduled for nerve ablation the 22nd I’m tonyhr point I’ll try anything to help 

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  • Thank you tmac for your response.  I am new to this site and really don’t know what i’m doing. So sorry to hear of your chronic pain and many surgeries. I will be approaching this soon. Surgery is scheduled for Feb. 5th.  They will be doing a lateral fusion at L 3-4 and L 4-5.  Also having an ablation on L-5 - S1 on Jan 31st.  How did your ablation go?  Although I’m anxious to get going I’m also a bit scared as I don’t know what to expect. Would love to hear of your experiences and successes. Been diagnosed with 5 herniated lumbar discs so we’re attacking the most serious first. I’m like you in that I’m ready to feel better after struggling with this for more than 10 years. Hope you’re feeling better and that the pain is easing. I welcome anyone else to join this discussion as I’m one of those that likes to be prepared for whatever might be coming. Thank you everyone in advance! 

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